‘Hot Summer Days’ unveils a brand new Barbie Hsu

Posted: January 3, 2010 in Film
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Breaking news: Barbie Hsu sports a boyish image in her latest movie Hot Summer Days.

For those who have not heard of Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu (Corner with Love, Meteor Garden), she is the farthest one can get from boyish – ever – and she is known for her (almost inane) pampering of her hair. She once said in an interview/talk show that she sweeps her hair to the side when she sleeps at night to avoid applying unneccessary pressure on it! So, imagine how great of a sacrifice she is making by chopping it all off here lol.

As a joint project by Huayi Brothers, 20th Century Fox and STAR, Hot Summer Days is made up of 5 intersecting love stories, with a structure similar to that of Hollywood film Crash. Besides the couple played by Nicholas Tse and Barbie Hsu, Jacky Cheung and Rene Liu; Daniel Wu and Vivian Hsu also play lovers.

Nicholas Tse is a aircon mechanic who is deeply in love with Barbie Hsu’s character, but she appears only interested in racing and tattoos.

Nicholas Tse (in character) cooling his steaming heart (and body) in a bathtub of ice cubes..


Barbie Hsu plays a  terminally-ill girl with a fetish for motorcycle racing and a kind heart beneath the rebellious outer shell. She gets to know the character played by Nicolas Tse, and races with him. As the story unfolds, there are emotion-packed moments as the two fall in love (inevitably).  

To play the role of a hot motorcycle racer, tattoos, smoky make-up, shorts and singlets become indispensable. Hsu claims that it is her boldest appearance ever. Of all her apparels, Barbie admittedly likes the 8-ring tattoo on her arm, which signifies 8 years of life remaining.


Vivian Hsu (below) plays a rich girl called “Wasabi” who is deeply in love with the chef “Soy sauce” played by Daniel Wu. Hsu revealed during their press conference that their kiss scene took a day to complete shooting, to the point that it became mechanic. They would chat about his girlfriend, what they do etc., and once the director calls for them to start, they start smooching. Eeks, how would the girlfriend feel… ><


Rene Liu (below) also scores a breakthrough in image as a foot therapist who gets to know the truck driver played by Jacky Cheung because of a handphone message sent by mistake.


Besides the star-studded main cast, the film features cameos such as Shawn Yue (as Nicholas Tse’s love rival), Gordon Lau (as Tse’s father), Charlene Choi and other familiar faces!

I watched the trailer and loved it! Check it out here with English and Chinese subtitles:

I think the film aims to send out an anti global warming message too. It’s scheduled to hit the cinemas on February 11, 2010 just in time to romance the Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day crowd.

  1. KK says:

    cool .. i am a dai s fan, wow, impressed that she cut her precious hair .. lol
    she looked so cool looking with the short do, very elfish 🙂 she’s so think but still ok looking, not over thin …
    makes her look younger too this new do

  2. Anonymous says:

    she kinda looks like ella with that short hair

  3. mic says:

    oh she didnt cut her hair.. she was wearing a wig.

  4. ayisrahja says:

    If you dig Valentine’s Day, again conceivably you may aloof appetite to chase that up with Hot Summers Day with your admired one, aback adulation is apparently still about us all, and with the Chinese Valentine’s agnate advancing up in about a week’s time.

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