I have never watched a drama solely because of its writer’s track record. That’s because I hardly check up the name of the screenwriter when I like a drama, yeah ok I’m ashamed since I know how important the writing is in making the drama an enjoyable and quality one. So I’ve done some research and hopefully uncover some other dramas I’d like to try.   

Dramas italicised are those I’ve seen but not in full; those I watched to completion are in bold.  


Oh Soo Yeon / 오수연

A Star’s Lover (SBS, 2008), Wedding (KBS, 2005), Love Letter (MBC, 2003), Winter Sonata (KBS2, 2002), Four Sisters (MBC, 2001), Autumn Tale (KBS2, 2000), All About Eve (MBC, 2000), Feelings (KBS2, 1994)  



I think each of the 2 dramas in bold is sufficient to guarantee Oh Soo Yeon a mention on this page. I have raved about Winter Sonata in great detail here so I shan’t repeat myself. Autumn Tale is also one of my favourite classics, and is one of the few I watched with devotion. It is a tragic tearjerker yes, but it is one of thoes which will make you cry and remember – a very well done melodrama with a standard to look up to. Some of its famous dialogues have become abused in later melodramas to the extent they’re losing their magic already, so watch it remembering it was shown in that era (10 yrs back!). It’s viewership rating peaked at 46.1% and averaged 38.6% during the broadcast.   

Lee Kyung Hee / 이경희  


Will it Snow at Christmas? (SBS, 2009), Thank You (MBC, 2007), A Love to Kill (KBS2, 2005), I’m Sorry I Love You (KBS2, 2004), Sang Doo, Let’s Go To School (KBS2, 2003), Breathless (MBC, 2003), Pure Heart (KBS2, 2001), Tough Guy’s Love (KBS2, 2000) 

Another respected melodrama writer whoes latest work Will it Snow at Christmas? is currently on air. I’ve only watched Thank You in full and have always promised myself I’ll rewatch I’m Sorry I Love You. I think I’ve more or less caught the whole show but never once in entirety, so I plan to when I have the time – and when I’m prepared for puffy eyes the next day.
A Love to Kill -raises both hands in guilt- is actually the sort of drama plot that turns me on when I read the synopsis. As I skipped through the drama, some parts were entertaining, others were touching – but I can understand why it’s a flop for Lee Kyung Hee considering she wrote gems like Thank You and I’m Sorry I Love You. When I saw the ending I went WHAT?! Why don’t you shove in that sort of scene earlier to make me realise what a fool I’ve been to start watching! (ok maybe they did)    
Kim Eun Sook / 김은숙
City Hall (SBS, 2009), On Air (SBS, 2008), Hello! Miss (KBS2, 2007), Lovers (SBS, 2006), Lovers in Prague (SBS, 2005), Lovers in Paris (SBS, 2004), South of the Sun (SBS, 2003) 

Another writer that rocks the romance genre and has established a brand name for herself, first with her Lovers trilogy, ignoring the mess that Hello! Miss was, then On Air and her latest love story City Hall which has something of a clout following.

Lovers in Paris was quite a phenomenal success considering it had no glamorous cast (pretty solid actors yes but not exactly very attractive) but the typical fairytale just struck a chord I guess. 

As for On Air, it kept me VERY entertained 😀 Kim Ha Neul was at her best in this drama, her acting was fab and so charismatic! Even though Oh Seung Ah’s personality was terribly flawed I still wanted to root for her. I liked how all the 4 main characters were given a chance to tell their own story and display an individualistic personality. There were character development and personal growth in all of them and the dynamics amongst the 4 were awesome. 

Yoon Sung Hee / 윤성희 
Flowers for My Life (KBS2, 2007), Magic (SBS, 2004), Shoot for the Star (SBS, 2002), We Are Dating Now (SBS, 2002), Beautiful Days (SBS, 2001)
Omo, Beautiful Days and We Are Dating Now share the same writer!
Beautiful Days has the typical melodrama elements – complete with birth secret, brotherly strife, and terminal illness…! It started out great but the ending was well, very sloppy. If  the production hadn’t pandered to viewers (who demanded a happy ending for the main couple), Yoon might have done a better job with the closure in the original script, rather than throwing up her hands in resignation – oh whatever! – and stopped writing with her brain on altogether.
We Are Dating Now hasn’t got The Fated Love in most popular dramas. The couple develops from bickering neighbours to very good friends and finally start to realise their romantic feelings for each other. The drama’s filled with sweet little moments to show how much the two care for and love each other, without TOO much angst. And therefore it’s breezy and fun to watch. So Ji Sup and Chae Rim make a really cute couple!

To Be Continued 🙂

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    i really want to share my script 😦

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