I actually wanted to do a post on Let’s Go Watch Meteor Shower (一起来看流星雨), aka the Mainland Chinese Hana Yori Dango, but thought it would be better to present the “F4” guys in the drama first.

The Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango has been made into an anime series, a Taiwanese drama (Meteor Garden), a Japanese drama by the same name and a kdrama adaptation, Boys Before Flowers. So far, every version has enjoyed immense popularity throughout Asia (and the world), and the same applied to China’s Meteor Shower which has catapulted its cast from virtually unknowns to mega-sensations in China (not so much in the rest of Asia, yet)


Zhang Han (张翰) takes the lead as “Domyoji Tsukasa,” renamed for the drama as “Murong Yun Hai”:


Zhang Han, born in 1984, is the most experienced actor amongst the foursome and has starred in several drama and film works. However, he was still a relative unknown before his Murong Yun Hai role, which has been voted (on a poll organised by the popular news portal site CRIonline) as the most memorable TV role of 2009 in Mainland China. That is the star power of Zhang Han, despite the drama suffering various attacks from skeptics.  


Yu Hao Ming (俞灏明) takes the character of “Hanazawa Rui,” renamed “Duanmu Lei”:


Singer-actor Yu Hao Ming came into the spotlight when he was placed sixth in the 2007 season of “Super Boy” (a singing competition: think American Idol). As the youngest F4 member (born in 1987), his casting is also the most criticised amongst the four. The fact that he’s lambasted is not really his fault per se, I think. Honestly, the Rui played by Vic Zhou in Meteor Garden was poorly acted and yet still very winning, because the actor’s image was a perfect fit for the introverted and soft Rui. Unfortunately for Yu who doesn’t have prince charming looks, he was met with a wave of disgust distrust. I, for instance, took a long time to get used to his chubby cheeks and princess hair in the drama, but um I eventually grew to appreciate his own charm – he had some really hilarious scenes which helped a lot. Maybe Rui just took on a comical bent in the Chinese adaptation! 😉


Wei Chen (魏晨) as “Mimasaka Akira,” aka “Ye Shuo”:

Wei Chen (a 1986-er) is another singer-actor who participated in the 2007 season of “Super Boy” and won third. 

Akira (also Mei Zuo in Meteor Garden; Song Woo-bin of Boys Before Flowers) is the most neglected character in the previous adaptations. He had practically no story, and was always the lonely sidekick to the trio.. So I really appreciated the fact that this role was finally given some meat in Meteor Shower! His love line is the greatest surprise here and I shan’t give spoilers :p


Zhu Zi Xiao (朱梓骁) is cast in the “Nishikada Soujiro” role, renamed “Shangguan Rui Qian”:

Zhu Zi Xiao, also a 1986-er, started out as a model and was picked for this role due to the aristocratic image he projects (which is why I chose the pic above!), which befits his rich boy profile. Meteor Shower is his acting debut. Shangguan Rui Qian (aka “Yi-jung” in Boys Before Flowers) similarly shares a storyline with Makino’s best friend (Yuki in the manga), but the dynamics between the 2 differs greatly from the previous versions.

For me, what worked in this version is that the producers managed to make it a series in its own; they gave it a more realistic touch so as to connect with the conservative Mainland audiences, and yet remained true enough to the original story which has been proven to be much loved. The Korean version bored me because my favourite scenes were transplanted from the Taiwanese version, with some alterations which made them slightly different but not neccessarily better, so that they didn’t pack a punch anymore.

I know this drama has been lambasted for various imperfections, but I’d seriously rec0mmend this to those (esp Chinese-speaking audiences) out there who have turned it away without trying. Give it a shot and this might become one of your favourite versions of Hana Yori Dango! I’d actually rank it right after Meteor Garden (possibly even on par if I had watched this one first instead)


These guys are sexy, yet adorable 🙂

  1. junna says:

    they are nice and cute……………….

  2. Justlin says:

    I watched this drama…it’s nice…

  3. meteorviet nam says:

    they are very handsome.they are my idol

  4. Yui says:

    I love Yu Haoming and I actually don’t like the negative impact he’s been taking. It’s just that the drama didn’t give him a nice haircut to start with and the lines he was given was almost unfitting for a Rui. It’s also because everyoe sees Rui as the perfect handsome angelic quiet guy. It didn’t fit Haoming because he was a cheerful, polite, and considerate character.

    So it makes me sad that he began to have haters because of this drama although I love this version a lot.

  5. htet says:

    I love Zhang Han so so so much!

  6. john says:

    i love zhang han. he has attractive eyes :0

  7. angela says:

    i like all of them they r so cute

  8. Anonymous says:

    where can i watch this one?

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