Summer’s Desire, aka 泡沫之夏

Posted: January 17, 2010 in Drama News, Taiwanese Drama
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“When love is so strong that it becomes stifling, would you escape or confront it? The most touching, dreamlike love of the century.”


1) This drama is adapted from a trilogy penned by popular novelist Ming Xiaoxi from China

2) It is produced by Peter Ho, who also stars

3) Probably the idol drama of the year! 🙂



Seriously, what a cast! With this cast, who would have expected it to be an idol drama?! I mean they are still popular idols and all, but it’s strange given their resume since they have all moved on to more meaty stuff. Well, idol dramas should be left to… young budding actors? 😉

With all that said, I think you would have guessed this coming from me: there’s some serious miscasting. I don’t mind the guys really, Huang Xiao Ming (above left) is one of my favourite Mainland actors and I just love Peter Ho‘s outright personality (I read his blog regularly – his link is on my celebrity blogroll). But I have serious issues with Barbie Xu playing Yin Xia Mo; the reason is purely shallow I’m sorry to say. She is a 1976-er so she’s 34 this year. Fine, she may look like she’s only in her late 20s but no way is she going to successfully pull off a role who’s supposed to range 16-23 years old in the drama!


Despite the complaints, I’m still looking forward to the premiere and really, really expect myself to be addicted to this “love story of the century”.

Huang Xiao Ming is so, so good looking. (sorry can’t help it haha)


Watch the trailer to catch a glimpse of the story!

Part 1 (with English subtitles):

Part 2:

Picture Trailer from Sina:

(I love the music here)


  1. fang says:

    I also love this drama…. my most awaiting drama this year 🙂 so glad that u like it, too… !

  2. ♥ying says:

    this drama is AWESOME! love it to the max~

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