“The Myth” is hogging all the spotlight

Posted: January 18, 2010 in Drama News
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Broadcast network CCTV-8’s 50-part TV series The Myth is fast becoming the most talked about drama on Mainland Chinese television. It is a remake of the 2005 Hong Kong film of the same name, which starred Jackie Chan as the time-travelling hero and Kim Hee-sun as his beloved. According to Sofres, The Myth premiered with a two-day average viewership of as high as 3.13%, and pulled in 4.13% for one episode, making it CCTV-8’s highest rated new year drama ever.


(The Myth movie poster left, and its drama poster on the right)

Ending theme song: 美丽的神话 by Hu Ge and Bai Bing:

Leave this playing as you read on! 😉


Hu Ge as General Meng Yi (below) and his modern day self, Yi Xiao Chuan (above) / 胡歌饰演的蒙毅将军与易小川

Bai Bing as Princess Yu Shu / 白冰扮演玉漱公主‎

When I first saw the female lead, it immediately struck me how much she resembles Kim Hee Sun. Indeed, she was handpicked by Jackie Chan, the producer of The Myth (the drama), who starred opposite Kim in the movie version.


(Kim Hee Sun, Bai Bing)


Zhang Meng as Gao Lan and Xiao Yue / Yu Ji (张萌扮演三个角色:高岚,古代部分的小月和虞姬)

Jin Sha as Lu Su / 吕素


Chen Zi Han as Empress Lü Zhi / 陈紫函饰呂雉


  1. anonymous says:

    do you have the link to download the endless love song thats sung by Hu Ge and Baibing? because I absolutely loved this myth even though it was so long, and Hu Ge is just so hot 😛

  2. ricky says:

    princess yu zhu >.<I so want to meet with the queen in 2000 years zhu yu again ^ ^

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