“Mi-nam” Park Shin Hye’s looking freaking cool!

Posted: January 20, 2010 in Celebrity News, Korean Celebrities
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This photoshoot dates back to late 2009, during the airing period of You’re Beautiful. I’ve never seen it till now and it’s so gorgeous x100000! I love the concept of this pictorial which depicts Park Shin Hye in a totally different light from her on-screen sweet and demure image.


I really dig the fact that Park Shin Hye is wearing the drama’s short hairstyle but with a totally different feel.  

The real Go Mi-nam is a total opposite of the “Go Mi-nyu-who’s-pretending-to-be-Go Mi-nam”, as we have seen from the brief appearance of the twin brother (played by none other than … Park Shin Hye) – he is cool and aloof.  The image that Park is projecting in this photoshoot (added with a little sexyness) reminds me of that. It’s as if Go Mi-nam is now pretending to be Go Mi-nyu i.e. taking on a female disguise. 😉 I FREAKING LOVE IT! 😀


  1. loulou says:

    she’s really gorgeous and sensual!
    really cant wait for her hew drama!!

    anticipating to c more of her!!!!
    thks for the pictures!

  2. sesehangma says:

    c is simply cute , pretty n adorable…..

  3. aerie_A.n.jell says:

    The real go mi nam is so cool, but there’s so little of him in the drama… In conclusion, Park shin hye can be cool….. Oh I Love her, whatever she does….

  4. staples says:

    At first I wanted to see more of the real Go Minam acting cool, but I realized they couldn’t pull it off the way Parent Trap did or anything. Did anyone else notice they used Shinwoo’s body for the real Go Minam at the airport when his jacket gets pulled off? I’m pretty sure it was Shinwoo coz of the hair. . .

    I like how in the second to last picture, she looks a little bit like “Go-minam trying to be sultry for the photoshoot but ending up looking slightly confused”.

  5. cute G says:

    she’s so cute

  6. sara says:

    she is so cute but i think she is more beautiful in the movie

  7. yang says:

    she’s so cute and a beauty…love her so much
    hope there’s part 2 for this series…love them both (Go mi nam and Tae kyung)

  8. amalia says:


  9. memerah says:

    ..she’s so beautiful!! supeer!

  10. daniela elise says:

    i really love go mi nam. on and off camera very sweet

  11. min so hee says:

    youre so beutiful………………………………everyone loves to be w/you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahaha

  12. renalyn says:

    your so really really beautiful … :))

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