Tang Wei and Hyun Bin in character for Late Autumn

Posted: February 7, 2010 in Film
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Hyun Bin (Friend, Our Legend, I’m Happy) and Tang Wei (Lust, Caution) have been filming their new movie Late Autumn (aka Manchu, 만추) in the U.S. earlier and the production firm has released first stills of the leads. 

Late Autumn is a Korean-American co-production and a remake of the 1966 classic. It tells the acquaintance of a woman granted a special leave from prison for her good conduct with a young man who is on the run from pursuers for counterfeiting money, and their 3-day love story that unfolds in Seattle. Both stars will be acting in English.


In the stills, Hyun Bin has sported some facial stubble to project a more mature and masculine image; while Tang Wei similarly looks lonely and desolate with her pulled back hair and winter coat. How will this pair who have experienced various vicissitudes of life meet and fall in love?

The film will be released in mid/late 2010 in Korea, and will thereafter be screened at various reputable film festivals worldwide.

  1. norma says:

    This should be interesting if they will film in Seattle and do it in English.

  2. ZZzz says:

    I like Tang Wei’s performance in Crossing Hennessy , I never feel bored to see her face, so beutiful

    • letterfromd says:

      I agree. She is always amazing. She gave a courageous performance in “Lust Caution”, an endearing performance in “Crossing Hennessy” and a heartbreaking performance in “Late Autumn”

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