Korean stars’ Red Carpet Fashion Part II

Posted: February 25, 2010 in Fashion, Korean Celebrities
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Continued from Part I 

In award shows, what stars wear have become a matter of greater interest than who walks home with the grand prize. We examine what they wear both out of curiosity as well as seek inspiration for that year end ball or dance party. Find something for every look – be it chic and cool, classy/elegant, Grecian goddess, cutesy, even bridal!

Song Hye Kyo

I just don’t see enough of Song Hye Kyo at the Korean drama/film awards. The last time she appeared was probably the 2004 KBS drama awards, but sadly I can’t find fullbody pics of her there. In recent years, she has attended several (still dismally few, imo) award ceremonies overseas in Hong Kong and Shang Hai.

Yo my lovely Song Hyo-kyo, I promise I won’t judge you on what you wear – so long as you show up!   


Goo Hye Sun

GAH, can’t seem to find Goo Hye Sun in anything but black and white -_- I think she owns her look in the last picture though.

Son Ye Jin

I’m following up with Son Ye Jin; she’s the next star after Goo Hye Sun to play Lee Min Ho’s love in upcoming drama Personal Taste (I’m itching to watch it!). I actually don’t mind their age gap because Son Ye Jin can be adorable to the tee. That aside, Son is always reliable on the red carpets. Well, at least she wears colour.

Kim Min Hee

A true fashionista never errs on the side of caution (eeks that reminds me of a certain Yoon). On the other hand, I’d like to see Kim Min Hee in something that hugs her curves.

Han Hyo Joo

If you’re confident of your legs like Han Hyo Joo, go for the short dresses!

Kim Tae Hee


Another actress whoes dresses shouldn’t go any shorter! I wouldn’t call Kim Tae Hee a fashionista, but she does look good most of the time. Though I know it’s actually in her killer genes..

Han Ji Hye


It’s easy to get away with anything when you’re tall and slim, but Han Ji Hye manages to look bad in the last pic (it’s the material of the dress and her make up).. Nothing against this talented star but nah, I’ll pass.

Kim Ah Joong


Kim Jung Eun

Look to Kim Jung Eun for inspirations of the Grecian look!

Park Shi Yeon

Reliable splash of colours from Park Shi Yeon.


  1. mely bahador says:

    I think simplisity is the best policy in wearing dress. nomatter what you wear is how you handle it. If you are wearing gown or sexi dress and you are not comfortable to seat on it what is the use of wearnig it .some people are to much showy. thank you i hope you dont mind my comment.

  2. jicks says:

    Son Ye Jin PWNS the red carpet. She (almost) always manages to carry her dresses w/ the utmost elegance & rarely lets the dress take over her.

    I love the gorgeous girl but Kim Tae Hee needs red capert help IMHO ^^;;

    I think Ha Ji Won deserves a mention, that woman is a red carpet goddess ^_^

  3. susan sia says:

    Son Ye jin is a natural beauty in any dress she wears

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