Birth of the Rich: who is Suk Bong’s chaebol-dad?

Posted: March 13, 2010 in Drama Reviews/Recommendations, Korean Drama
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I saw The Birth of the Rich when it was out and liked it so much I wanted to recap it! But it was too time consuming so I had to put it off 😦 Now I’ve watched till episode 4 and am still thoroughly enjoying it.

My take on the birth mystery of our chaebol-hopeful Choi Suk Bong (Ji Hyun Woo):

1. Suk Bong is Choo Young Dal’s son – Woon Suk’s half brother

Our first clue was during a dinner when Suk Bong impressed the distinguished guests with his transport theory and thereafter showed his one of a kind pendant to all present. One guy – Choo Young Dal – was visibly shaken by what he saw and told his attendant to keep track of Suk Bong’s every move. This suggests that he recognises the pendant and may therefore know where it came from.

We also have another piece of puzzle at the end of episode 1. Suk Bong has been hunting for all copies of The Great Gatsby book because that was where his chaebol dad had supposedly written down his contact number. His mum had carelessly misplaced it on a pay phone years back and therefore had no means of reaching him. Suk Bong saw a copy of The Great Gatsby in Lee Shin Mi (Lee Bo Young)’s hotel suite with (gasp!) a cell phone number scribbled down on a blank page at the back of it. He dials the number and by some amazingly coincidental twist of fate, he reaches … Choo Woon Suk (Nam Goong Min)!

Too bad Woon Suk is not of appropriate age to be Suk Bong’s father *long sigh for Suk Bong* My initial conjecture, albeit far fetched even to myself, was that Woon Suk and Suk Bong are in fact half brothers. That is, Choo Young Dal had passed his own cell phone to his son Woon Suk, along with the Gatsby book, for some reason. And Woon Suk who has been out to woo Shin Mi, had passed her his book which contains his cell phone number, hoping she would call him back. Except Suk Bong did, instead.

(I want to whack Suk Bong for not asking Shin Mi where she had gotten the Gatsby book!)

This would have been my conjecture, if the clues had stopped at that.

2. Suk Bong is Lee Jong Hun’s son –  Shin Mi’s stepbrother

Suk Bong goes to Shin Mi’s house with the contract to claim his one billion dollar reward and chances upon an envelop in Lee Jong Hun (Shin Mi’s father)’s study room that contains a stamp pattern that looks the same as his pendant! Since his chaebol-dad had mentioned that the design of the pendant is totally original, President Lee definitely has some form of connection to Suk Bong’s dad, and possibly to Suk Bong.

Another clue – President Lee is cautious about taking the plane because he had almost boarded a plane that crashed years back. And that was the same year Suk Bong’s chaebol-dad had escaped death because he had missed his flight due to his encounter with Suk Bong’s mom! Only a coincidence? Perhaps, President Lee used to be an employee (read: small fry) of Suk Bong’s super-chaebol-dad. Since the latter couldn’t make it for the flight, he could have stayed back as well.

Final puzzle which I think is the hardest to dismiss – both Suk Bong and President Lee are allergic to kiwi (at least, I think it was kiwi heh). Now that’s a pretty uncommon allergen, unlike say, dust mite. Doesn’t that mean Suk Bong and President Lee are related by blood somehow? (They could be uncle and nephew..?)

I don’t think Suk Bong is Lee Jong Hun’s son because one thing, it would be ridiculous if he and Shin Mi end up being siblings cos THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO FALL IN LOVE AND MARRY. Also, Shin Mi doesn’t seem like she’s adopted. If President Lee really were childless, why wouldn’t he adopt a son who could inherit his company (since he is obviously rather against the idea of his daughter working)?

SO, we’re left with the 3rd and highly likely possibility that Suk Bong’s dad is someone who knows both Shin Mi and Woon Suk’s fathers.. (which means we’re back to square one actually, sigh) but then there’re some serious explaining to do if that’s the case. Thankfully, episode 4 ended with Suk Bong (finally!) confronting President Lee to ask him about his pendant. I really hope he doesn’t screw up.

Anyone actually read the comic this drama is based on??

  1. dramacafe says:

    I also like this drama. I’m on EP 7 already and was even watching it earlier streaming even without subs. LOL. I enjoy the mystery…takes me back to my obsession over Nancy Drew…LOL

  2. Anonymous says:

    No, I do not think he is Wook suk’s half brother.

  3. lina says:

    Cool recap. I only managed to watch it intermittently so I thoroughly enjoy reading this recap of episodes I missed. ❤

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