Tan Lina rounds up the cast of Meteor Shower II

Posted: March 14, 2010 in Chinese Drama, Drama News
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(Zheng Shuang, Tan Lina)

Hunan TV’s youth drama Watching the Meteor Shower Again has started filming in Xia Men, China. Being the one and final sequel to the hit drama Let’s Go and Watch Meteor Shower which had a remarkable run in 2009, it has sparked a great amount of interest, particularly about the casting of the other leading lady. It has been recently confirmed by Yao Jia the producer that the new female lead would be Tan Lina, a popular contestant from the 2009 nationwide singing contest (快乐女声).

When it was announced that Hunan TV would be selecting the female lead through a nationwide search, it attracted many applicants given the potential of this drama and the significance of the role. Hence, Tan Lina has beat out much competition to land this highly coveted role. The producer Yao Jia commented on choosing Tan Lina, “The main reason we chose her is due to her performance in the singing contest, we feel that she has a very different personality from Zheng Shuang. While they’re both very adorable, Tan Lina’s beauty is the wild and sexy kind, and suits the role in the drama.” She plays Jiang Yuan, the fashionable and stylish daughter of the principal of Alistun University where our leads study. At the same time, Yao Jia admitted that they were initially worried about Lina given her nil experience in acting, but once she entered filming she got into character pretty quickly and learnt fast. After a few days of filming, everyone was pretty satisfied with her performance.

Jiang Yuan (Tan Lina) is a cool and stylish girl who also shares Yun Hai (Zhang Han)’s passion for car racing. She will be vying with Chu Yu Xun (Zheng Shuang) for Yun Hai’s affections after he lost his memories, and will be a great test to the couple’s relationship.

Via CRIonline

(Zheng Shuang, Tan Lina)

Her role is equivalent to that of Michelle Saram as Ye Sha in Meteor Garden II, I would think. Anw Ye Sha’s role was lambasted at that time for separating Dao Ming Si and Shan Cai.. Personally I already have no good feelings for this role. I actually didn’t mind Ye Sha very much in MG II because firstly Michelle Saram is really pretty and I admired her bright and cheerful personality. But here, I don’t fancy the casting of Tan Lina. (Actually maybe I can’t fancy anyone who’s going to be seducing Yun Hai and making Yu Xun sad!!)


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