[Snap!] SNSD turns “Men in Black”

Posted: March 15, 2010 in Celebrity News, Korean Celebrities, Photo Post
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Sunny’s picture is probably my favourite among the girls.. though she’s far from being my fave SNSD member.

Hyoyeon is looking good here, gotta give this girl more screen time heh.

Bleh, awkward pose. Failed push up?

Pretty! Tiffany sort of reminds me of a younger Kim Hyun Joo in this picture.

There’s nothing on your hair.

Please be more expressive leh..

Seohyun is all ready to go diving after this!

Eeek. Sexy Yuri has managed to look bad in the standard Lee Hyori pose. What’s up with the hair and spotty lighting?! (No, it doesn’t make her look like an angel.)

I can barely recognise Yoona with the bangs. Eventually figured out by doing a head count..

  1. Sunny says:

    Comment elle est belle !!!!! ❤

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