Vivian Hsu dazzles in BAZAAR Jewellery and interview excerpts

Posted: March 15, 2010 in Celebrity News, Taiwanese Celebrities

After gracing the cover of the Feb issue of Bazaar, Taiwanese star Vivian Hsu was again invited to shoot cover and promo pics for the feb issue of Bazaar Jewellery, the 11th cover Vivian has posed for since the start of the year. During the interview, Vivian spoke about her favourite jewellery – pearl. She also said that till today she still believes in the existence of mermaids and that they surface on beautiful moonlit nights, playing the harp on a faraway reef. Perhaps it’s such naive and steadfast belief that has kept the seemingly never fading brilliant, youthful glow on her, no matter how time flies.

Below are some interesting excerpts from the interview:

Vivian talked about the warmth of her friendships.

“I have 4 very close girl friends. We’ve known one another since middle school, and have thus far shared every experience of our growing up years. Our friendships have lasted for more than 20 years. We trust and rely on one another like family. “

Even after everyone has settled down with family commitments, their friendship ties are still going strong. As for showbiz friends, Vivian speaks freely that it’s actually a lot harder to make and maintain friendships, especially as one becomes older. Also, as public figures they have to take care of their privacy, so it’s harder to open up to others.

I agree! Friendships started in school when we’re still bespectacled and wearing high socks are usually longer lasting because it’s really the time when we open our heart and make friends. They’re also the friendships that we most dearly want to hang onto, as if it represents our youth and everything associated. With the shared experiences and memories, it’s harder to drift apart emotionally despite physical distances, as compared to colleagues/other acquaintances. The latter are like passers-by in life whereas childhood/teenage friends are truly the tenants in our heart and influence us greatly throughout our lives.

Despite so, Vivian says as long as there’s sincerity, it’s not impossible to have very good friends in showbiz. She revealed some of hers: Shu Qi, Ruby Lin, and Patty Hou.

“Patty is very adorable and cheerful, and always makes us laugh; Ruby’s a little like me, she’s the chivalrous and gung-ho type; Shu Qi is very caring – there was once I had surgery on my foot and wasn’t accustomed to the hospital bedsheets, she found out and went to my place and got me mine. I was really touched.”

And the most curious question we usually direct at Vivian, “does this woman ever age?!” (she’s born in 1975!) Apparently the secret to her everylasting youth is her ever-young heart and childlike purity.

Vivian still believes in the existence of mermaids. When I told her that scientists believe a large marine mammal called the dugong (sea cow) is the fabled ‘mermaid’, she screamed for me to stop, and firmly refused that idea.

“If there can be humans on earth, why can’t there be mermaids in the sea? Because we no longer believe in their existence, we cannot see them.”

Not surprisingly, one of her favourite stories is Andersen’s famous story The Little Mermaid.

“Do you know that Andersen’s ‘children’s stories’ weren’t actually for children? He said so himself, that his stories were for grown ups. You’ll understand why this is so if you read the original full translation copy instead of the abbreviated version.”

Due to her love for the oceans, Vivian’s favourite jewellery is the pearl. And of all the various types of pearls, her absolute favourite is the highly valued Black Tahitian Pearl. Motivated by her adoration of jewelleries, Vivian said if there’s an opportunity, she wishes to work with a brand and launch jewllery she designs herself.

“For the first series, I will definitely design something with pearl.”



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