Like the Moon Escaping from Clouds production press conference

Posted: March 23, 2010 in Film
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The movie Like the Moon Escaping from Clouds is directed by Lee Jun Ik, who’s responsible for the 2005 smash hit The King and the Clown, and stars (in the picture above, from left) Baek Sung Hyun, Han Ji Hye, Cha Seung Won, and Hwang Jung Min. The film is an action sageuk based on a manhwa of the same name – about a man of royal blood (Cha Seung Won) who schemes of a rebellion to become king and those who stand in the way of his ideal.
Honestly a rather dull looking press conference because everyone colour-coordinated and turned up in boring black, but there seems to be good camaraderie amongst the leads, which is always fun to see.
A clean-shaven Hwang and a rugged-looking Cha (whom I think is due for some stubble maintenance, seriously he looks like a bear in some pictures I left out):
Hwang and his co-star Baek Sung Hyun from That Fool (aka The Accidental Couple)
I still (and only, actually) remember Baek as the young Cha Song Ju in Stairway to Heaven. He has grown quite alot since.
The always radiant Han Ji Hye:
The adorable Hwang, saying cheese for the camera:
Wooh, being deep in thought yields a very handsome man *chuckles*
  1. Gene says:

    Han Ji-hye – allI can say is WOW!!

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