Cinderella’s Sister production press conference

Posted: March 24, 2010 in Drama News, Korean Drama
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This could only mean one thing.. March 31 is finally approaching! I’m sooo excited to see Moon Geun Young back in a trendy drama!! KBS’s Cinderella’s Sister held its production press conference this afternoon and the leads turned up in character (heh): Moon in spunky black, Seo Woo in sweet and demure pink, accompanied by big brother Chun Jung Myung in a black suit, and baby of the group Ok Taecyeon. Cinderella’s Sister is written by Kim Kyu Wan (Robber, Spring Day, Piano) and directed by Kim Young Jo.

I don’t remember posting so many pics on any other press conference!


Moon’s dress looks plain but the treasure’s at tha back:

Tiny Seo Woo’s in a tiny dress which could fit on anyone else as a top:

Anyone else thinks Chun Jung Myung is doing a clumsy but ADORABLE job of trying to block anything with HIS FINGERS?? (okay at least he seems amused himself HAHA)


Moon does look like the part of an older sister to Seo Woo here, even though she’s 2 years younger:


Omg doesn’t she look like a doll on a shelf?


Taecyeon (do I need to draw attention to his hair?):


Interpret this yourself:

Moon looks gorgeous:

and adorable:

(Cute final pic for all 2PM/Taecyeon fans!)

Up next should be MBC’s Personal Taste 🙂


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