[Snap!] Cinderella Seo Woo does allure

Posted: April 9, 2010 in Korean Celebrities, Photo Post
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Seo Woo topples her sweet and bubbly image in Cinderella’s Sister with a sexy, wild, and more mature one for Allure. Doesn’t she instead remind you of her stepsister Eun Jo (Moon Geun Young) in the picture above? 

I’ve been following the currently airing Cinderella’s Sister religiously and have watched till episode 4, (spoiler) which ended with a square off between the stepsisters as we get teleported to 8 years later (end of spoiler). I didn’t initially pay much attention to speculations about Seo Woo’s overly delicate (read: plastic-looking) features, but after seeing a recent scene (I think in episode 3 0r 4) of her bawling, I found her looking.. a bit disturbing. Excessive plastic surgery? Who knows.

Speculations aside, I actually like that Hyo Sun (Seo Woo) is a more complex character than she initially appeared to be – a mindless puppy – and therefore find her sudden steer into Mild Evil Territory rather delicious. But whatever, I’m rooting for Eun Jo’s happiness no matter what!

  1. kinz says:

    She is very very cute. I like her very very much

  2. Schmoo says:

    WTF She looks like her face is molded from plastic. Her face seems like it is just scar tissue from surgery. Her nose doesn’t even move when she smiles. I think she should change her name to “Faux-woo”

  3. Ming Zhu says:

    Very Cool Seo Woo Shi!

  4. Agneta says:

    Very very nice Seo Woo…!

  5. Alkisty says:

    …love you so much in that pic….seo woo…

  6. Anonymous says:

    she’s so cute

  7. nuur shofi says:

    whatever happens to still be your self. okayyy.

  8. محمد says:

    خيلي نازي خيلي عزيز دلم و خيلي دوستت دارم خصوصا توي فيلم زيباي خواهر سيندرلا
    محمد از ايران

  9. Far Wizah~ says:

    she so prettyy~

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