Cinderella’s Sister introduces Taecyeon the actor

Posted: April 18, 2010 in Drama News, Korean Drama
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If you haven’t been keeping an eye on Cinderella’s Sister (what have you been doing!?), last Wednesday’s episode 5 finally saw the appearance of Taecyeon, the last of the four main leads. He plays Eun-jo’s younger stepbrother Jung-woo, who has morphed from a stubby young boy to a handsome teenager, single-mindedly devoted to Eun-jo who used to cook for him.

I really hope the adult Jung Woo becomes more interesting as the story progresses and not single-minded to the extent of being one-dimensional. As a young boy, his naive devotion was enough to make his character appealing to us, but as a grownup and potential contender for Eun-jo’s affections, I feel that the character is lacking some depth. Then again, he has only been with us for two episodes, so it’s probably too early to judge.

And just to let some steam out:

Dear Cinderella Hyo-sun,

Please do not claim that you love Ki-hoon more than Eun-jo does just because you stick to him like UHU Glue. (And don’t expect me to buy your ridiculous claim that Ki-hoon is somehow yours, even if you’ve known him since birth.) Let me remind you that you have been seeing one guy after another in his absence, as compared to Eun-jo who sped to the train station in the middle of the night at the tiny prospect of meeting her prince. You have no idea what love is, even though you receive it by the truckload.


There you go.

  1. trixie says:

    someday i like to meet moon geun young

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