Moon Geun Young for InStyle: Eun-jo is not a villain

Posted: April 19, 2010 in Celebrity News, Fashion, Korean Celebrities
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The April issue of fashion magazine InStyle, themed “Gorgeous girl of Spring”, invited Moon Geun Young to grace its cover. When asked about her first villain role in Cinderella’s Sister, Moon responded:

“Whether a person is bad depends on how you look at it. If anyone who doesn’t fall in the kind, warm and lively category is deemed a bad person, then Eun-jo is one. However to me, that way of looking at it is too narrow. There are those who look at the bad and good in dramas separately, and tend to think that those who are different from the good are bad. But judging from the plot, Eun-jo is not a bad person.”



Cinderella’s Sister is currently leading in the ratings against MBC’s Personal Taste and SBS’s Prosecutor Princess.

  1. jenelyn says:

    your so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. taekyon says:

    i really love her style, when it comes to acting. she is so brilliant
    she’s maybe an angel. hope i can get to know her.
    she’s so pretty.
    if i have one wish left and i would choose either to be a billionaire or meet her
    i want to meet her that’s for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. babo says:

    really beautifull.. moon geun young.. 🙂

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