[Snap!] Moon Geun Young’s latest photoshoot

Posted: April 22, 2010 in Fashion, Korean Celebrities, Photo Post


This is pretty much a continuation of my previous entry, i.e. more mesmerizing pictures of Moon Geun Young, who displays a vibrant and youthful image here. (I’m aware that my site is becoming inundated with Cinderella’s Sister/Moon Geun Young related news LOL sorry to those who’re totally uninterested)

(This last dress looks like the one Chae Rim wore for her Oh! My lady press conference)

  1. aldrin d. boguilis says:

    wow, she`s so pretty…miss Moon Geun Young you are the best..

  2. yuuzuu says:

    she’s really cute… I like seeing her in Painter of the Wind.. 🙂

  3. eyan says:

    ahh she’s really cute …. she’s all grown up now… love you MGY …fighting

  4. Erika says:

    So preety.love her

  5. she’s so pretty and cute…

  6. trixie says:

    i really like moon geun young!!
    very cute1

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