Chae Rim cameos on All About Eve

Posted: May 19, 2010 in Chinese Drama, Drama News
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Chae Rim will be making a guest appearance in the Chinese remake of All About Eve as lead actor Jang Hyuk’s precious first love!

Hit Korean drama All About Eve shot its main cast (Jang Dong Gun, Chae Rim, Kim So Yeon, and Han Jae Seok) to stardom back in 2000 and Chae Rim (adorably) expressed her delight at the opportunity to appear in the remake. I also like to think that she’s lending her support to Jang Hyuk as a Sunbae who has made her entry into the Chinese market much earlier with television series such as Princess Sheng Ping, Warriors of the Yang Clan, and Love at the Aegean Sea.

The cast recently shifted its location to Beijing, where they filmed the parting scene between Jang Hyuk and Chae Rim in a hospital.


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