Shin Min Ah replaces Shin Se Kyung in My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho

Posted: May 25, 2010 in Drama News, Korean Drama
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I’m much more comfortable with this casting ‘cos I’ve been following Shin Min Ah since Beautiful Days. As for Shin Se Kyung, I’ve only caught her unpolished acting in the 2004 movie My Little Bride starring Moon Geun Young and Kim Rae Won (that is not very up-to-date I know, haha). Plus I can totally envision their dynamics playing out onscreen, parallel to that of Jeon Ji Hyun and Cha Tae Hyun in My Sassy Girl, with the girl being the dominating one in the relationship given her supernatural powers. (Thus I’m totally fine with Shin Min Ah being 3 years older than her costar Lee Seung Ki.)

I know a bit about gumiho from the 2004 drama Forbidden Love starring Kim Tae Hee as the mythical nine-tailed fox. And I have faith in Shin Min Ah playing the two-faced gumiho since she has a sweet and innocent demeanor, but can do sexy just as well. I’d say she fits the image of the gorgeous and alluring gumiho better than Shin Se Kyung, whom I can best describe as the pretty-sweet girl next door. 

My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho, penned by the awesome Hong sisters (You’re Beautiful), features a romance between Shin Min Ah’s titular character and a human played by Lee Seung Ki. Looking forward to its August premiere! 🙂


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