【Summer’s Desire】Peter Ho is Barbie Hsu’s best match

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In FTV’s Summer’s Desire which premiered end of May, Barbie Hsu is caught in an intense love triangle between Huang Xiao Ming and Peter Ho. Her love with Huang Xiao Ming is entitled “suffocating love”, while her romance with Peter is described as a ” fatal love”. It has aired 4 episodes thus far and its episode ratings have risen steadily from episode 1’s 0.86 to episode 4’s 1.55.

Personally, I’ve been looking forward to its premiere since the release of its teaser eons ago and shared my anticipation here, and now it’s finally out. If you like a heavy dose of wild, crazy love that only exists in the world of novels or mangas, Summer’s Desire ought to be your dish.


Yahoo! Taiwan is organising a poll from 21st to 28th June to find out who netizens think is Barbie’s most compatible love match. As of 25th June 9pm, Peter Ho is in the lead with 7263 votes, about twice that received by Show Lo, Barbie Hsu’s co-star in Corner with Love, and Huang Xiao Ming. (Jerry Yan is 4th currently, aw)


Even though Huang Xiao Ming and Barbie Hsu share one kiss after another in the first 4 episodes, I personally root for Peter Ho as well. The Ou Chen he portrays embodies every single trait I like to see in a drama male lead, and is sososo hot. (I’m trying to resist a fangirling session here, I am.) On the other hand, Huang Xiao Ming’s Luo Xi is also handsome as hell, but his character is hard to understand at times and I don’t feel such a strong connection.



At the airport, LUO XI (Huang Xiao Ming) returns to Taipei after 5 years as a top star.

YIN XIA MO (Barbie Hsu) unintentionally got to know about Luo Xi’s return and starts to recall the past. 5 years ago, Xia Mo’s father brought Luo Xi home from the orphanage. Xia Mo is the only one aware that beneath Luo Xi’s perfectly disguised exterior is a dangerous, twisted boy.

OU CHEN (Peter Ho) is the young master of a large and powerful global corporation. In France, Ou Chen has one of his recurring nightmares. He has lost his memories since an accident 5 years ago. Even though he has a caring girlfriend by his side, he keeps dreaming of a mysterious girl with seaweed-like long, black hair and skin fair like snow. Ou Chen decides to return to Taipei to find his lost memories.

To support her brother YIN CHENG’s studies, Xia Mo became her classmate YAO SHU ER’s assistant by chance. Shu Er is at loggerheads with another female celebrity, WEI AN, and recommended Xia Mo for their talent agency’s Newcomer Selection to spite her. The selection organisers divided the newcomers into 2 teams and arranged for them to perform in public to assess their ability. Xia Mo has difficulty singing in front of the crowd due to a childhood trauma and is about to be eliminated when Luo Xi suddenly appears to lend her support. Ou Chen is on the way to a meeting and is stalled by traffic near the newcomers’ performing place. 

The moment he lays eyes on Xia Mo, something stirred in him and he started to feel an intense emotion that he has never felt for anyone before…   


Ou Chen is mysterious, devoted, possessive, charismatic, and… destructive. Pretty much like a darker and maturer version of Jerry Yan’s Dao Ming Si character in Meteor Garden. Unlike in Meteor Garden II where Dao Ming Si loses his memory and temporarily falls in love with Ye Sha (a part of me died then), Ou Chen is so head-to-toe deeply in love with Xia Mo that despite losing his memory, he is still subconsciously in love with her.

How can that not melt you??? (I’m talking about drama-land, not real life)

Peter Ho has also released his brand new album, which features the drama’s theme song, I remember I loved:

  1. Annie says:

    IM so in love with the drama and ou chen too

  2. Anonymous says:

    love Ou Chen!

  3. therainhouse says:

    Ooh .. Everyone loves Ou Chen/少爷..

    While Xiaoming’s character shares many kisses with Xia Mo now, 少爷 is receiving loads of love from us! =)

  4. Sammi says:

    I love ou chen character…very matching with barbie as well…i love peter ho too…;)

  5. Jen says:

    I just finished all 7 episodes in one go, I prefer Ou Chen too but then I might be biased since I’ve always kinda liked Peter Ho! The other guy definitely had a bad past (but so do all of them) but I found it kinda weird how he would suddenly appear all ‘cute’ and ‘childish’ with XM in the series ..haha

    In general though, I like this series 🙂

    • Nope you aren’t biased xD I started watching this drama liking Huang Xiao Ming a teeny weeny bit more than Peter, but now I’m a fully certified Peter Ho fan lol. Ou Chen is definitely a character that can easily charm anyone *wipes drool* teehee.

  6. mary says:

    hope Xia Mo will end up with Ou Chen they have a chemistry and match the personality for sure this movie will get a very high ratings and i will be one of the milions followers wishing that this two lovers Barbie and Peter wil be end up in real life… they both look great .. wow .. what a tandem…

  7. liysa says:

    gosh! I hope summer’s desire will be aired here in the Philippines! Who knows it might break the record of Meteor Garden ( w/c was aired 5x). I do agree that it is the matured version of MG…and Peter Ho OMG! If SD will be aired here, I’ll bet with my last peso, He will definitely have a huge fan base here (w/c includes me of course!)…..leading to a big concert in Araneta Coliseum (once an artist performs here, he/she is considered MADE!)…(FACT:the huge success of MG leads to F4’s reunion concert in the Phil)

  8. wulan says:

    I miss u PETER HO , you sooo hot “

  9. sherly says:

    i love ou chen

  10. Me_Mhey says:

    Hmm..I’ve another opinion.If everybody’s here like Peter better than Xiao Ming.,I’m not.I love Xiao Ming very much and Luo Xi sure.I think his eyes can make all the girl who see him melting.And I like his style on share a kiss.He look so gentleman.He..3x..I have love this guy for first time I see him..So handsome I think.

  11. Megaz says:

    I Love Peter Ho ..

  12. Jade says:

    “Ou Chen is mysterious, devoted, possessive, charismatic, and… destructive. Pretty much like a darker and maturer version of Jerry Yan’s Dao Ming Si character in Meteor Garden. Unlike in Meteor Garden II where Dao Ming Si loses his memory and temporarily falls in love with Ye Sha (a part of me died then), Ou Chen is so head-to-toe deeply in love with Xia Mo that despite losing his memory, he is still subconsciously in love with her.

    How can that not melt you??? (I’m talking about drama-land, not real life)”

    Ummm I’m like a grown woman and can perfectly distinguish between drama land and real life b ut you know what those characteristics still melts me in. I mean who doesn’t want that connection and intensity in a real life relationship right? LOL (ok slapping cheek…back to reality) Love Ou Chen and Peter Ho for great acting and portraying such a great role.

    • I secretly agree with you i think! 😀 but then real life r/ship of THAT intensity might feel rather stressful and suffocating?

      then again if it’s with ou chen i seriously wouldnt mind >.<

  13. mykamicks says:

    Its my first time watching another Barbies’ Hsu’s project. Same with his leadingmen.

    Im still watching it, am on my 8th episode now. For the past seven episodes, I appreciate the love that Xiao Ming showed to Xia mo, I am inrensely watching the characters they portrayed. Neither I’d want to hurry finishing it. But I guess the right hand of Ou Chen plays the biggest part ruling his life against his love towards Xiamo.

    Hope, this will be aired in the Philippines soonest, especially in ABS CBN.

  14. kim says:

    I have been a fan of peter since ages ago..aww,his recent movie summer’s desire really melted my heart…no other actor can replace him,sorry!!

  15. amalia says:

    i love ouchennnnnnn so cool peterr ho so cool. I love ou chen character

  16. PIA says:

    I agree to all of you, the way Peter ho act is very gentle but the impact is that huge you almost want to be xia mo, we intense you feel the sincerity. I knew it coz he s very talented. I salute you

  17. hara says:

    barbie, give peter a chance!

  18. mandy f says:

    So in love wthPeter Ho’s character here! wish in real life – Ou Chen exists!Peter rocks!

  19. burnee says:

    unen goe kino

  20. ank says:

    i love you Xiao Ming and barbie ho couple

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