Chinese remake of Autumn in My Heart casts Zhang Han and Dennis Oh

Posted: June 29, 2010 in Chinese Celebrities, Chinese Drama, Drama News, Korean Celebrities
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Apparently, plans for a Chinese remake of  the epic Korean romance Autumn in My Heart, aka Endless Love, has been made known for a while and Zhang Han of hit drama Meteor Shower has now been cast in the remake as the lead male. The drama series has already cast its second male lead in Dennis Oh (East of Eden), which makes this drama a high profile Chinese-Korean collaboration.

During the casting process, Chinese pop singer and actor Han Geng (Hankyung) of Super Junior was also a strong contender for the lead male role, but it eventually went to Zhang Han. The drama will begin filming in August at Qingdao, China and is looking at a premiere some time early next year on Hunan TV.  

The original drama starred Song Seung Heon, Song Hye Kyo, and Won Bin, and successfully catapulted them into big Hallyu stars. Even though it has been mocked today by some as a “makjang” series, it didn’t spark the Hallyu wave in China for no good reason. 

Its wild popularity has been attributed to several factors, including fantastic acting from the child stars (notably the talented Moon Geun Young) that kept viewers invested in the drama right from the beginning, the achingly beautiful soundtrack that plays at the most opportune times to trigger a wealth of emotions, and the gorgeous autumn backdrop that coincided with the season it was aired (September) in Korea.

I’m not expecting the remake to make any breakthrough, or even rival the original. I just pray that it doesn’t ruin the material it’s based on, and hopefully, capture something different and create a love story of its own brand. As for the cast, I’m fine with Zhang Han, who has won me over with Meteor Shower, but it’s painful to see Dennis Oh (trying to) act, and what’s more, he’s reprising Won Bin’s role! Won Bin is a heartthrob and he was awwwesome in the original. The female lead better be satisfactory, or I will groan.

The Chinese remake has been described as a modern take of the classic Korean melodrama, and will be inserting some side characters into the story to lighten the atmosphere, while retaining the quintessential love story. The upcoming drama will be directed by Taiwanese director Mai Da Jie who did dramas like Dreams Link and Meteor Garden II.

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    nice,… itz my favorite korean movie… I swear…..

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