Barbie Hsu’s hairtalk

Posted: July 9, 2010 in Taiwanese Celebrities, Taiwanese Drama
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I’m experimenting again! Hehe. This time my interest happens to be hair. So each post in this series of 【hairtalk】 will feature a popular female actress with wondrous hair (imho), and the star of today is none other than… *drumroll*

Barbie Hsu!

Hsu has a reputation for her flawless complexion and beautiful long hair, earning her the grand title of Taiwan’s “cosmetic queen”. She is also Yin Xia Mo in the currently airing Taiwanese drama, Summer’s Desire.

Who else loved her hairstyle as the teenage Xia Mo? 😀 Peter Ho openly acknowledged on a variety talkshow that he ADORES Barbie Hsu in that hairdo! *excited* Anw, just look at that babyface, how do you tell that she’s turning 34 this year?!  

If you have beautiful long locks like Hsu, you can choose to:

… let your hair down:

… tie a smart-looking ponytail:

… or style a classy updo on special occasions:


Disclaimer: Today’s post might be most useful to a couple of lucky girls out there who have faces as tiny as Barbie Hsu’s…*jealous*

  1. jicks says:

    Gawd, I remember reading aaaaages ago, back in the Meteor Garden days, Barbie once said that she didn’t want to ever do anything to her beautiful straight, silky shiny hair. How times have changed!

    She is gorgeous no doubt, but ever since on some Hong Kong TVB show I heard Andy Lau let slip this comment- “Da S had a personal a experience & told me never to get botox around the lips!”- I’ve kinda looked at her a little differently. But still, yeah, she is v. pretty. Loving her latest pan-straight-bangs-in-the-eyes look!

    And heck yeah to the small face (joining you on the jealous thang lol) but alot of Taiwanese females (that I’ve seen) tend to have smaller faces, period.

  2. shadowlesslight says:

    Oh yes! Barbie once let it slip that even before she sleeps, she’d made sure her hair wasn’t in the way. She’s CRAZILY protective about her hair. Was.

    And yeah she’s definitely had tons of (non-invasive, or so she says) cosmetic improvement done; she’s even recommended some of those in her beauty books! Then again, I might kill myself if she looks the way she does (25 when she’s actually 34) without having anything done on her face 😡

  3. jicks says:

    Gosh, she is 34 already? I guess even w/ her “non-invasive” cosmetic enhancements she’s had done to her face, you can’t deny the fact that genetically, she’s got the goods. She does have naturally beautiful features :)) It’s not a sin to want to keep wrinkles * other fine lines at bay, ne?

    I’m looking at the piccies in your post again & I really love her fire engine red lippy look! The red lips are striking against her snow white skin<3

  4. tieuyeunu says:

    i so adore her teenage xiao mo look, she’s so cute and young looking…as oppose to her older self, she look so fragile like a gush of wind could blow her away.

  5. gminam says:

    i love barbie hsu and peter ho.. barbie hsu and peter ho is a great couple

  6. barbie hsu and peter ho is a great couple

  7. burnee says:

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    дахиж гаралдаа

  8. TAROG says:


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