Barbie Hsu at Peter Ho’s fansigning event

Posted: July 11, 2010 in Celebrity News, Taiwanese Celebrities
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Peter Ho held a fansigning session for his music album, Remember Loved, at Kaohsiung, Taiwan on 11th Jul, and his Summer’s Desire co-star Barbie Hsu also appeared at the event to lend her support. That’s totally a treat for Ou Chen-Xia Mo fans because they looked super sweet together!

I was quite upset when Barbie Hsu made it clear that Peter Ho is not her type (read: Blue Lan, Vic Zhou) and it’s quite impossible for her to fall for him, cos he’s too outgoing and friendly. Pfffft. Well since her previous two relationships failed, maybe she could reflect on that and pick someone different? Heh :p

She’s wearing his favourite hairstyle! ❤


At the end of it, Peter even went to visit Barbie’s niece (Xiao S’s daughter):

This should become a family photo, HAHA.

Actually the true mastermind behind this is the little niece (lucky girl!), who suggested inviting Ou Chen and Xia Mo over to her house (don’t we all wish we can do that??), so Barbie brought it up to Peter who obviously agreed.

Sigh, just become a family already! 😀

  1. Anonymous says:

    Totally agree !!!! Barbie and Peter are compatible on and off screen. Barbie should just accept Peter since they look like real couple in those photos. Wish them well.

  2. therainhouse says:

    Peter has also made it clear that he and Barbie are more like brothers..
    We shan’t have to worry about Peter’s love life. I think, if he found someone he likes, he’ll pursue her. Although I wonder if he’ll tell us who his girlfriend is once he’s in a relationship.
    Same for Barbie. No need to worry about her.

    Peter has also said that all the rumours regarding him and Barbie started because he asked her out to discuss the novel, Summer’s Desire.
    As for relationship rumours Peter had, I think the one that mimicked a romantic relationship the most was the rumour surrounding him and Tammy Chen Yi Rong. But, then Peter himself has also admitted that he and Chen Yi Rong see each other as siblings. He sees Chen Yi Rong as a guy and as a little bro. She sees him as a sister.

    • shadowlesslight says:

      Barbie did mention on Kang Xi Lai Le that she sees Peter as a “sister” (because he talks about everything, not because he’s sissy) but I’ve never heard Peter regard her as “brother”! >.<

      I seriously think Peter has harboured a crush on Barbie before ^^ He has admitted to admiring her ever since they cooperated for the drama Phantom Lover (夜半歌声), but he couldn't get closer to her because she was apparently attached to Vic Zhou at that time.

      Then came Summer's Desire. When the media asked him if he invited Barbie Hsu to be his female lead to court her, he said sth like he won't trouble everyone to court girls. He didn't say he's NOT courting her! LOL adorable ttm ❤ (i'm not saying he did court her though..)

      I'm only wishing they'll end up together because Peter did mention that she's his 'ideal type'.. otherwise i wouldn't say barbie hsu is good enough for him *clears throat*

      As for Chen Yirong, she's pretty.. but i don't think she's his type (too boyish like you said)

      • therainhouse says:

        hey, here’s the video

        Maybe, I worded it wrongly but I think he meant that they’re like close enough to talk about a lot of things.. Um, I think a lot of times the media picks up on the word ‘ideal type’.. and hints at this or that. We never know what will happen in the future though and as Barbie has revealed her relationship with Vic, it was quite public, if she does get together with Peter, it’s most likely that they might tell everyone. Although Peter might like to keep his relationships private as well whether or not the girl is in the entertainment industry.

        Slightly off topic, he uses his hands a lot.. Like the way hip hop artists do when they’re rapping. I kinda like it.

  3. shadowlesslight says:

    Thanks so much for the video, love it! ^^ yeah he’s quite expressive, maybe got to do with him being an ABC..

  4. jicks says:

    Gawsh, Peter Ho is really ripped these days ^^;; He looks good w/ Barbie here.

    I’m not his biggest fan but I can see why others would fall besotted w/ him, esp now that I have witnessed those toned & tanned biceps lol

    Btw, shout out to <b<therainhouse: *high five* We so keep running into ea other! ;O

    • therainhouse says:

      jicks, it’s good to meet you again too. haha. He makes me want to work out. lol. It’ll be hard not to fall for his charms, once you’ve watched Butterfly Lovers and one or two of his other shows such as Sophie’s Revenge, a chick flick starring Zhang Ziyi, So Ji Sub, Peter Ho, Ruby Lin, Fan Bingbing. The abs are just extras, something for us to feast on. Though there was one extremely horrible accident, someone snapped a photo of him after he came out from the shower in the gym. He was completely nude. That was really horrible to him.

      shadowlesslight, yeah, I too think it’s because he is Westernised, (I haven’t found an interview in which he speaks English, do tell me if you ever come across any instance where he speaks English a lot, much appreciated!)
      Leehom uses hand gestures in that way too.

  5. therainhouse says:

    I love ABCs and ABKs’ accented English. Peter is well, CBC but anyway his accent is very American, don’t you think?

  6. therainhouse says:

    Yeah, you’re right. CRC.

    Ain’t I crazy? After that, he spoke Japanese as well but I cut that out. Just a line. I think he’s learning Japanese.

    • tswizzles says:

      OMG!!! He says Tracy, right. Cuz if he does THATS MY NAME!!! LOLS!!!!!!!!!!
      I might be hearing shit so tell me if I’m wrong. I don’t wanna go around screaming “PETER HO SAID MY NAME!” yet until I know feersure.(; Anyways I LOVE the way he says “Rise & Shine Girl!” LOLS! & He does speak English pretty damn cleeear.

  7. tswizzles says:

    YAAAAAAY!!!! Now I could tell Everyone :DDDD Thanks!

  8. therainhouse says:

    I am so sorry but all footage of Peter’s dramas and videos are being removed from YouTube. It’s not just Summer’s Desire but the others produced in recent years. I give up trying to reupload scenes of Summer’s Desire and Unbeatable onto YouTube. Sorry, peeps.

  9. hara says:


  10. Lara says:

    i think barbie should not judge peter that bad. coz peter have a special space for her in his heart.but its too late. barbie’s married and peter is engaged. hes gonna marry soon,.

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