[Snap!] A picspam of Peter Ho and Barbie Hsu’s wedding/couple shots

Posted: July 12, 2010 in Photo Post, Taiwanese Celebrities
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I’m sharing with you guys what I chanced upon on Baidu yesterday. There’re a total of 9 sets of pictures, and all of them are awesome. Enjoyyy! 🙂

*Update* What I uploaded initially (particularly for ‘The Queen’ series) were mostly wallpapers, I’ve found some originals for those interested. In addition, I just discovered 2 more sets to this phootshoot, making it a total of 9 sets. I’ll be updating these photos continually.  

The Queen:



*Updated* 纯蓝:

















  1. mee mee says:

    congrat to barbie hsu n peter ho waw……they are very very beautiful n handsome couple, love their pic 🙂

  2. nan says:

    omg i have never seen such a beautiful couple
    they are truly PERFECT COUPLE
    last set of pics is aewsome 🙂

  3. =) says:

    sUch amaZing cUte piX, i ♥ them aLL. >_<

  4. ds says:

    So Pretty……….
    Nice Picture…..

  5. selin says:

    where they take this photo?? i plan to take wedding photo too…

  6. ♥ying says:

    VERY PRETTYYY!! thanks for sharing!

  7. Cita says:

    i like it….!!!!!!!!

  8. fras says:

    I realy2 hope they’ll make true couples

  9. jenny says:

    i hope they together! love peter forever………….

  10. penguin says:

    hope you wont mind that i had post it on facebook.. its awesome!!

  11. Linda says:

    So Pretty and Perfect Couple
    always blessing for them… 🙂

    may i know where is this photo shooting studio ?

  12. irene says:

    their pic is so awesome, i hope they will be a true couple….^^ love them so much^^
    it’s really amazing pic

  13. shawol says:

    peter, if you don’t marry barbie MARRY ME

  14. hara says:

    this is the best photoshoot ever! i hope they get together 1 day

  15. vinz lie says:


  16. Anonymous says:

    i likeeeeeeeeeeeeee you..mantappppppppp n_n

  17. trevor says:

    hey peter i am ur fans i hear that you going have a baby right

  18. eve says:

    awesome pic,,,,even iam soooo very late to read this LOL i love the pic so much,is it an ad for an wed organizer??tganks for sharing this

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