Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min will head Playful Kiss

Posted: July 16, 2010 in Drama News, Korean Drama
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I’ve pretty much calmed myself down by the time I write this, but surely the production didn’t just pair a newbie starlet who just had her screen debut alongside a singer-actor who’s still learning to emote?? I’m watching Bad Guy with some fast-forwarding… and Mo-nae just doesn’t command my attention (or perhaps I didn’t give the girl a chance to impress me). I certainly hope she proves me wrong with Playful Kiss!

I’ve not watched the Taiwanese drama It Started With a Kiss or read the Japanese manga Itazura na Kiss, but I’ve heard enough about them to feel the excitement at the Korean remake. All in all, I’m still looking forward to this drama and granted, I’ll probably enjoy it since I’ve got nothing to serve as benchmark.

  1. jicks says:

    I heard this news, too! Like you, I’m not engrossed by Jung So Min’s presence in Bad Guy thus far (although I have only seen a few eppies) but as I said on my blog, I am completely caught up w/ Kim Jae Wook (he is so androgenously puuurrty *slaps self in face*

    Ur… well, I haven’t seen the Japanese version nor have I even laid a finger on the manga but ISWAK was high-school rom-com at its bubbliest finest. I highly recommend a watching ^_^ (They Kissed Again wasn’t my cuppa tea but it’s still pretty popular amongst many netizens. And well, Jiang Zhi Shu… *loves on Joe Cheng* xDD

  2. Yep I plan to get started on ISWAK ^^ maybe before the kdrama version comes out.. The only mental barrier that kept me from watching it in the first place was Ariel Lin. I’m neutral about the actress, but her character in ISWAK just raises my blood pressure T.T I keep wanting to scream at her to stop looking so dumb *blames my inner feminist* (I’m not so sure if it’s her portrayal or simply my prejudice, since I liked Park Shin Hye in You’re Beautiful much more)

    It was sorta like watching My Girl with Lee Da Hae grating on my nerves (omo I’m potentially gna land myself in mortal danger with this comment *hides*), but I pulled through because of Lee Dong Wook and Lee Jun Ki. So I WILL endure Xiang Qin long enough to fall in love with Jiang Zhi Shu; he sounds like a really easy guy to crush hehe.

    Anw these days I really need another Taiwanese actor to distract me from Peter Ho lol :p

    • jicks says:

      Re Ariel Lin, I don’t remember her being annoying in ISWAK but I def wanted to boot her outta my TV screen during They Kissed Again… & I’m not even what you would really call a feminist (!) Her gender wasn’t the issue, she was just a downright stupidly irksome person. The things she did, the things she said… it was def a case of “pls, STFU & GROW UP already” situation for me. Seriously, I find it v. difficult to believe that any guy in real life would want to tolerate her silly childishness for the rest of their lives.

      Park Shin Hye’s Go Mi Nam / Nyu was much, much, MUCH different. Sure she was still clumbsy & aloof but she was still mature & could rationalise what was socially acceptable. Most importantly, she would try to think from the perspective of the person she loved & do things to help them, esp when they were down- Xiang Qin however consistently did things that made Zhi Shu’s life more difficult & rarely thought to stand in his shoes, even if it were for just a split second.

      Peter Ho, as you probably know already, not my cuppa tea, so hey girl, he’s all yours! lol xD My fave Taiwanese actors would be, Joe Cheng & Vic Zhou. Then probably Vanness, Ethan & perhaps 1 or 2 (or 3 or 4 lmao) of those Fahrenheit boys ;P Who are your fave Tw-actresses?

      Aww, what didn’t you like about Joo Yoo Rin in My Girl? I thought she was actually pretty good, maybe I was blinded by the chemistry btwn her & Lee Dong Wook (who, like you, I also adore. I miss him!) Lee Jun Ki’s never really done anything for me, perhaps its because he is too frighteningly pretty lol

      • Other than my ongoing Peter Ho infatuation, I’m loyal to Jerry Yan, who’s more of a steady =p I’d also look out for Vic Zhou (Meteor Garden, look what you’ve done to me, sigh) Ming Dao is an assurance of steady acting, and he has this intense gaze that sends shivers down my spine. I’ve also crushed a couple of others like Wallace Huo when I watched At the Dolphin Bay, Ethan Ruan after Green Forest My Home, Wu Zun and Jiro Wang after Hana Kimi… clearly fidelity is not in my book, heh. *shys*

        Sadly, I have a serious lack of fave Taiwanese actresses. Ady An is pretty good… and I quite like Esther Liu and Angela Zhang, but they both have no recent works to offer ): I don’t mind Barbie Hsu and Chen Qiao En as well. Do you spot any budding female talents? The ones I like all seem to be (or soon to be) in their 30s :0

        Lol sorry for being such a grumpy ball of a porcupine. Actually there wasn’t anything I didn’t like about Joo Yoo Rin in particular, but Lee Da Hae was never in my good books… so I guess she became pretty annoying at times with her ultra exaggerated expressions, but granted, she made me laugh! xD

  3. al says:

    hi.. i really love it started with a kiss, itazura na kiss anime and mischievous kiss/playful kiss!!! love you jung so min.. ^_^ gooo oh ha ni!!!

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