Film that spurred me on a cathartic crying session

Posted: July 18, 2010 in Film
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Hachiko: A Dog’s Story

This film is essentially a story about unconditional canine loyalty. I was never an animal-lover (I’m definitely against animal abuse, but I would never squeal in delight when I see a cute puppy run by), so I was surprised at the extent that this film moved me, considering I read the synopsis and knew the whole story beforehand. But perhaps that’s why my heart began to ache at the very start, when Richard Gere and Hachi started forming their special bond. With the inevitable death of Gere’s character, I totally broke down in tears both for him and (particularly) for Hachi. From there my tears couldn’t stop flowing and I was in a mess by the end of the film.

Hachiko: A Dog’s Story is definitely an irresistable tearjerker if you’ve got the slightest affection for furry four-legged friends.

When an akita puppy is discovered one evening at a suburban train station, a music professor takes the dog home and unwittingly changes both their lives, in this lovely family drama inspired by a famous true-life case of canine devotion. Richard Gere might not be the first actor you’d cast in a slushy animal saga but he’s actually just right for the role, as director Lasse Hallström is determined not to milk the story for cheap sentiment. After a slightly wobbly prologue illustrating Hachi’s unlikely journey from rural Japan to commuter-belt America, the film takes its time in showing how this four-legged pal becomes an essential part of the household of Gere and his sceptical spouse Joan Allen. The subsequent tragic events are moving rather than just manipulative, while the bond between man and canine is treated with a tender gravitas that might surprise those expecting merely some doggie-themed weepie. But the film certainly is affecting, especially when we learn of its inspiration in Tokyo and the exploits of the real Hachiko. — Trevor Johnston, Radio Times

A FRIENDLY WARNING: Watch this alone, so you won’t feel too embarrassed about wailing.

  1. zsa86 says:

    I also cried buckets of tears for this one! Halfway through the movie and I already find it difficult to breath. I just love the simplicity and downright delivery of the story. Am glad you made an article ’bout this. 🙂

  2. Thanks for that! ^^ And exactly, they sure knew the way to make us weep.. TT

  3. therainhouse says:

    I desensitised myself. Before we watched Hachi, my sisters and I did some research. I think that’s what happens when you read spoilers. So, in future, before I watch anything sad, I’m gonna give myself tons of spoilers to avoid the flood.

  4. sungyi says:

    a good film! I like it.

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