[Snap!] Yoon Eun Hye without makeup

Posted: August 28, 2010 in Korean Celebrities, Photo Post

Everyone’s favourite Yoon Eun Hye made public some of her just-out-of-bed barefaced shots, accompanied by the text, “Slept in, and face is a little swollen” on 25th Aug. She also left a message that says, “Even though I don’t like my swollen face, it feels like I’ve become more youthful after looking at it often. My nose is oily and my eyes have become puffy.”

Welllll, I’d like to take that as a motivational message from her that even glamorous stars are plain janes in the disguise of make up and pretty clothes lol. Still, round of applause for her! I believe she’s one of the very few actresses who have the courage to reveal such barefaced shots of themselves. But she’s Yoon Eun Hye, and of course netizens gave largely positive feedback like “still pretty without makeup” and even “feels prettier than with makeup on”.

To phrase it in Xiao S (Dee Hsu)’s vocab though:


  1. therainhouse says:

    She’s being very modest about her looks. So down to earth.

  2. jicks says:

    My nose is oily and my eyes have become puffy.
    ^^Sounds a lil like she is just fishing for compliments xD j/k

    Puffy eyes??? You haven’t seen mine girl! lol Seriously though, she doesn’t look that different w/o make-up… fresh-faced but still super pretty ^_^

    Lovin’ the blue nails, too :))

    Btw, can you please translate that line from Xiao S you’ve used for those who can’t read Chinese (i.e. me xD)?? Thanks thanks.

    • HAHA jicks i scrolled up to examine her blue nails, totally didn’t spot that! =.=

      May sound kinda mean, but it somewhat translates to “just a passerby with very good complexion” hahah. I guess beauty’s in the eye of the beholder and i’ve never regarded Yoon as downright gorgeous in the first place i.e. with makeup. She’s charismatic and all but doesn’t fall into my category of Beautiful. Hehe.

      • jicks says:

        Different stroke for different folks, I guess.

        I can see your point re the “never regarded her as downright gorgeous” comment but I don’t think she’s a passerby. I think if I were to walk past someone like YEH on the street though, I would def think, “She’s a pretty girl.” She’s got more of the girl-next-door wholesome good looks whereas, say someone like Song Hye Kyo, is the classic beauty, the genetic freaks of nature.

        What YEH has is charisma & personality, that’s why so many people are drawn to her. I’m definitely not her hugest fan (although w/ these comments I may sound like it lol) but still, I can’t deny her sassiness :))

  3. Yep I agree with you re her charisma and personality! I consider myself sold on that too 😀

    Well I don’t mean YEH is a passerby per se, but without makeup I don’t feel that her features are outstanding… At least if I happen to walk past her on the streets, she won’t be stopping me in my tracks without makeup. Or maybe I’m just slightly harsher with her since she’s a celebrity, idk heh xD

    • staples says:

      no, I agree. She’s not your conventional type of beauty, and I don’t think I’d stop in awe and keep staring at her as she turns the corner if I saw her on the street and I didn’t know who she was. Unless she was swamped by papparazzi…

      I know that statement sounds kinda creepy, but it’s true. Sometimes I’ll see really beautiful people, or hair that I think flows perfectly, or the dress that just matches someone’s skintone and I’ll just keep glancing at it until they’re out of sight. not stalkerish. Then again, I’m also the kind of person who’d tell a complete stranger “I love you’re shoes!” Simply coz I’d love it if people did that to me 🙂

      • @staples

        hahahaha yeah i share your sentiments! I’ve once (yeah, only once) seen a really handsome guy on the bus and felt so tempted to get off with him when he alighted LOL. And before you think im some crazy stalker – eventually i didnt hahahah. But to justify my impulse, that guy is SO beautiful he looked like he walked right out of some japanese manga + he’s korean.

  4. jeric says:

    Well! She’s still beautiful eventhough she’s not wearing make up!! Aja!

  5. jhane says:

    love her

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