[Trailer+HD stills] The Love of the Hawthorn Tree

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Film
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Novel adaptation based on true story + Raved as the purest love story of the century + Zhang Yimou. SOLD, COMPLETELY.

The Love Of The Hawthorn Tree is seen as a return to roots by the famed director, both in style and in subject matter, with the film being a simple, young romance set against the backdrop of the Maoist revolution, a complete departure from his previous high-budget commercial films like Hero, The House Of Flying Daggers and Curse of the Golden Flower. Check out the above trailer which is partly subtitled!

I can’t wait for you for one year and a month, I can’t wait till you’re 25, but I’ll wait for you for a lifetime.

Set in 1975, a year before the end of China’s Cultural Revolution of the 1960s and ’70s, the film narrates a romance story between a young woman and a young man from different economic backgrounds. (Well, just gimme a story of first love that melts my heart yeah? I’m a total sucker for first love stories ^^)

The film attracted widespread attention and scrutiny for the casting of its leading lady, as the production headed by the meticulous Zhang Yimou had a tedious time finding a suitable star to portray the pretty and innocent Jingqiu. After scouring all major acting and performance arts schools in Beijing and still not managing to find Zhang’s ideal Jingqiu, the production team expanded their search scope to six other cities around the country. Eventually, they settled on 18-year-old Zhou Dongyu, a final year high school student from Hebei Province with no prior acting experience.

I say “settled on” because even though Zhou impressed Zhang with her untarnished looks and air of innocence, the Jingqiu as described in the original novel is not only innocent and pretty, but also pleasantly plump and has a good figure. Zhang Weiping, the producer of the film (and Zhang Yimou’s longtime filming partner), conceded that they picked looks over figure, since they couldn’t find anyone who fits that combination well enough. Hmm.

The Love of the Hawthorn Tree is scheduled for release in China on September 16.


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