These two deserve their own grand love

Posted: September 18, 2010 in Drama News, Korean Drama
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          Yoo Seung Ho ——— 1993-Aug-17            Shim Eun Kyung ——— 1994-May-31

Yoo Seung Ho should stop teaming up with noonas and romance someone his age (or younger) like one of my favourite teen stars Shim Eun Kyung xD Yoo has been taking on adult and main roles, while I can’t wait to see Shim Eun Kyung shine in a drama of her own (much like how Moon Geun Young grew out of her child-star status). The young Damdeok and Sujini definitely deserve more screen time as a couple since 2007’s The Legend

Okays end of digression hehe.

Anw, Yoo will be playing a chaebol heir and love interest to Seo Woo (Cinderella’s Sister) in the upcoming drama Flames of Ambition which tells the tale of a conglomerate family as members get caught up in a ruthless battle for succession. Seo Woo takes on the role of a top actress with a past who’s eager for success, while Yoo Seung Ho is a warm-hearted man who falls for her and accepts her past unconditionally. When rumours of their romance surface, she ends up marrying him, thus fulfilling her own ambition.

The series also stars Shin Eun Kyung (White Lies) as the ruthless and ambitious wife of Jo Min Ki (Wife Returns), whoes unquenchable thirst for power and wealth drove her to manipulate both husband and son (Yoo Seung Ho) to achieve her own selfish desires.

Flames of Ambition is written by Jung Ha Yeon (La Dolce Vita, oooh!) and directed by Baek Ho Min (Assorted Gems) and will air on MBC in October.

  1. glacierkn says:

    Is Shim Eun Kyung really in this drama? I thought she was planning to leave to the US for school.

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