The opening ceremony of the 15th Pusan International Film Festival was held in Busan, South Korea, on 7 October 2010.  This year, the Asian film festival showcases 308 films from 67 countries and runs from 7 October to 15 October. Onward to the exciting part, the red carpet!

Zhang Yimou‘s latest film, Under the Hawthorn Tree, opened the 15th PIFF. The director came with his two young leads, actor Dou Xiao and actress Zhou Dongyu to promote the film. (They seriously are everywhere these days, not that I saw them in person -.-)

Japanese actress Yu Aoi and actor Masaki Okada came together to promote their upcoming movie, Raiou, which was exhibited in the Open cinema section. Yu Aoi still looks fresh and youthful despite being fully clad in a little black dress and black stockings.


Chinese actress Tang Wei of Late Autumn looks pure and elegant. Not sure why she isn’t with her co-star Hyun Bin..


Won Bin and his The Man From Nowhere (aka Ajusshi) little co-star, Kim Sae Ron, in matching wear and even matching pose! (Adorable.)


Wonder when (if ever) my dear Won Bin will be returning to television 😦

Son Ye Jin (Personal Taste) dazzles in this strapless gown, and was widely regarded the best dressed of the night:


Park Bo Young (Speed Scandal) came in a rather boring short dress, but gotta give her some points for being so cute:


Good to see Kim Hyun Joo (Partner)! Is it me or does the lovely star keep too low a profile? She looks pulled together in the fake one shoulder dress, but the fitting seems a bit off.


After staring for a while at the dress Min Hyo Rin (Triple) is wearing, I decided I quite like the loose drooping concept at the back and the holes (for lack of a better word) make the white gown look more exquisite. It helps that her hair and makeup go well with the dress too. She doesn’t look very at ease in it though, considering how prone to slipping off even tight-fitting tube dresses are.


Um, I don’t get what this look does for Kim Yun Jin (Seven Days), except that it ages her by 10 years. If this were a page out of a fairy tale book, I’d place my bet on Gong Hyo Jin being Snow White and Kim the evil stepmom.


In contrast, Eom Ji Won (The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry) brightens up my screen, literally:


Lee Min Jung (Cyrano; Dating Agency) looks absolutely stunning in this metallic gown:


Choi Jung Won (Wish Upon a Star) also came in a metallic halter dress, but the cutting is less flattering imo. I thought she gained some weight at first glance, but her arms are still skinny. Check out her plunging backline:


Jeon Do Yeon (The Housemaid) always looks glamorous:


T.O.P (Into the Gunfire) looking very alert:


Su Ae (Athena) and Yoo Ji Tae (A Star’s Lover) of thriller movie Midnight FM. Su Ae is a goddess, while Yoo looks like he’s slipped back into his psycho killer persona in the shot on the right:


Newly wed Han Ji Hye (East of Eden), who arrives with Jung Joon Ho (IRIS), looks sleek and beautiful in another red one shoulder gown (but I would say Soo Ae owns the look):


I like Han Hye Jin (Jejoongwon)’s look! The old-fashioned wavy hairstyle works for her and her pissy look is adding to her cold charm. She looks like she could whip out a gun and shoot us all down anytime.


Lee Yo Won (Queen Seon Deuk) and Ryu Seung Ryong (Personal Taste) of upcoming film Bean Paste (which also stars Lee Dong Wook):


If I had to pick a dress I hated the most, it would have to be Choi Kang Hee‘s. (I know what you’d be thinking, but at least Kim Yun Jin provided me with some laughs. Choi’s look just made me go eww.) The colour washes her out and the cutting of the dress makes her look frumpy and flat chested. Also, the hair doesn’t look flattering on her, neither does that mess on Lee Sun Kyun (Pasta). The two stars are reuniting in the upcoming romantic comedy film Petty Romance two years after working together in the drama My Sweet Seoul.


Lol did Ji Sung (Kim Soo Ro) and Ahn Sung Ki (Fair Love) wear the exact same thing? The next time I see Gu Hye Sun in -gasp- a dress at an award ceremony I’ll probably squeal. The busy star will be acting opposite Taiwanese heartthrob Wu Chun in an upcoming Taiwanese remake of the Japanese manga, Absolute Boyfriend.


Kim Min Hee (Love Marriage) and Yoon Yeo Jung (The Housemaid) worked together in the film Actress. Kim looks like she extended her nightgown with some satin cloth of the same colour, and sad to say, the effect is not good.


Hong Soon Hyun (Angel’s Temptation) in a mermaid dress:


Park Soo Jin (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho); Moon So Ri (My Life’s Golden Age), who looks fierce enough for me to keep my mouth shut.


Love the halter dress on Park Sol Mi (Merchant Kim Man Deok), and she wears it with so much confidence, well done!


Wang Ji Hye (Personal Taste) and Kim Soo Hyun (Giant) turned up together. I can’t tell if Kim is nervous or excited, but I can tell he’s pretty cute xD 


Last but not least, Lee So Yeon (Dong Yi) looking happy and radiant:


  1. genna says:

    love han hye jin…looks so stunning!

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