My love-hate affair with Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Posted: October 29, 2010 in Korean Drama
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I became inexplicably drawn to Sungkyunkwan Scandal from like episode 8, and it definitely has a lot to do with the awfully sexy and charismatic Yoo Ah In! Omg, that guy totally owns my heart now ❤

It’s not like I don’t know that Sun-joon and Yoon-hee are the OTP and Sun-joon truly deserves her love and affection. (Not that Guh-ro doesn’t, really!) So one moment I’m giggling at the cuteness of the OTP, and another moment I’m clutching my chest in hurt for my Guh-ro. Show is seriously turning me schizophrenic.

Why must he be SO FREAKING AWESOME (not to mention, hot and sexy) IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE and yet NOT get any love from the girl he loves so much?!? My heart just shatters into a million pieces for him 😦


I’m truly going to miss the sexy Moon Jae-shin, the short-tempered Moon Jae-shin, the rebellious Moon Jae-shin, the loyal Moon Jae-shin, the bashful Moon Jae-shin, the adorable Moon Jae-shin, the gentle Moon Jae-shin and the Jae-shin who could only see Yoon-hee. I’ve not had so much heartache for a drama character in a long while.. Episode 18 really delivered the fatal last punch *sniff* I just might have to put off watching the last 2 episodes until I’m emotionally prepared (which is, perhaps, never). [No spoilers, you can go watch and tell me if the last stretch didn’t stab you in the chest.]

P.S. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a comment that Yoo Ah In resembles So Ji Sup, I thought so almost from the start too! It’s the intensity of both actors.

Have I mentioned that I love the gentle, loving Moon Jae-shin? *swoons*

I’m so sorry I neglected the other leads.. I can’t help it! Jae-shin just needs more love right now! >.<

Screencaps credits to dramabeans.

  1. therainhouse says:

    Why must he be SO FREAKING AWESOME (not to mention, hot and sexy) IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE and yet NOT get any love from the girl he loves so much?!?

    That’s because he is going to meet you and then fall in love with you and then you’ll accept his proposal.

    Wait, are we talking about Guh Ro or Yoo Ah In?

    You did a staircase of screenshots. Wow.

    Oh, it is sad that Jae Shin won’t get the girl but I figure it won’t be long before Yoo Ah In does get the girl in another drama where he’ll be the lead. So, I comfort myself with that.

    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA that’s so sweet of you; you sure know the way to comfort a wounded heart :):)

      well actually i think we’re talking about Guh-ro here, so too bad he can’t walk out of the drama 😦

      but YES Guh-ro wouldn’t be as hot and charismatic as he is if not for the awesome Yoo Ah-in, but his personality in the role does play a very impt part as to why im so head over heels in love haha ^^

  2. therainhouse says:

    I think you’re a healer or a saviour. Haha, you totally want to cure Guh Ro of his broken heart. And, I, too, wish he would walk out of Sungkyunkwan Scandal and into our lives. If you give me permission to do so, I would willingly give him a bear hug to comfort him.

    Heck, I think, we’d all rush over to comfort him.

    I would actually like Guh Ro for a brother, a big brother. He’s so protective.

  3. therainhouse says:

    Best friend and boyfriend. And lover. I know what you’re thinking, girl…

    Haha. Great choice. Protective, tough but gentle, strong and sexy ruffian look, bad boy looks but good boy heart.

    Okay now you’ve done it. You got me thinking what he would be like as a husband. Aaah, I shall have to get out now before I am trapped in Moon Jae Shin Fantasyland forever. Which isn’t bad really, but I want him as a brother and not a lover or a friend with benefits.

    Oh, he would be an awesome father. I can just imagine Jae Shin playing ball with his son. =)

  4. ale says:

    i love moon jae shin also, he’s rebel but at the same cute, he cares for others and loves justice, I want him to be real, he’s such a good man! T__T

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