Barbie Hsu’s light-speed fairytale engagement

Posted: October 30, 2010 in Celebrity News, Chinese Celebrities, Taiwanese Celebrities
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[Okay this has been talked-about for a while now, but I’m still intrigued.]

Barbie Hsu (Da S) is engaged to Chinese 2nd generation chaebol Wang Xiaofei! Their whirlwind romance has been causing a storm in the Chinese media and speculations finally came to an end with Wang’s confirmation of their engagement on his Wei Bo on 29th Oct afternoon. The two apparently met and fell in love at first sight at Taiwanese actress Ady An‘s birthday party in Beijing, and are planning to marry in February next year.

On 28th Oct night, Da S and her mom dined together at Wang’s restaurant, while Wang was nowhere to be seen. The next day however, he appeared with Da S at the airport in Shanghai, and the two were openly affectionate. Da S was also wearing her engagement ring.


Soon after, Wang updated his Wei Bo, confirming rumours of his engagement with Da S for the first time. He expressed:

Everyone can stop guessing, we did get engaged. It was calm and not sudden. We just met the right person at the right time. We just want a happy, comfortable life, continue my work and career, while she can quietly return to family life. There is hardly right and wrong when it comes to relationship, just suitable or not. Give some room and blessing to us two young people okay?


To which Da S responded on Wei Bo,

Actually not very young.. but the point is, I’m very blissful, very certain, very happy! And we’ll continue to be very blissful! From the first time I met Xiaofei, I knew it had to be him, and we got engaged after our fourth meeting. I have to say, we’re a match made in heaven. Thanks for the concern! We’ll accept all the blessings~


Other than the speed at which the romance developed, there’s another reason why the piece of news is attracting eyeballs: Wang is also widely known to be the ex-boyfriend of Chinese actress, Zhang Yuqi (张雨绮), who shot to stardom after appearing in the Stephen Chow film, CJ7. Wang made his first showbiz appearance at the fashion bazaar charity show in April this year, where he arrived hand in hand with Zhang. When asked about the state of their romance, a radiant Zhang gave a positive reply, “Our relationship is going very well, but we’ll not be getting married so soon”. Only half a year later, news of their break up surfaced, followed by Wang’s announcement of his engagement to Da S. Talk about dramatic!

[Actually there’s even more backstory to this, but you can go google and read the million articles generated yourself if you’re interested! =.o]

Born in 1981 (five years younger than Da S), Wang Xiaofei is the sole heir to the South Beauty Group, also known as Qiaojiangnan, a Chinese luxury restaurant chain. At 16, he left for France to pursue his studies, and returned to Beijing 6 years later with a degree in design from ESSEC (Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Economiques et Comerciales) and an MBA in hotel management from the University of Guelph, in Canada. He has since taken up the position of executive director of the Qiaojiangnan Group. The restaurant chain reportedly brings in profits amounting to over 10 billion yuan per year.

Anyway, a big CONGRATULATIONS to Da S whom I’ve always admired! Even though you didn’t end up with Peter Ho, you still got yourself an eligible, cool dude 🙂

  1. tswizzles says:

    I can’t believe she’s getting married! I’m like IN SHOOOCCCKK! :O

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