About Me

I’m a fan of kdramas and anything related. The first kdrama I have watched and liked was Tomato starring Kim Hee Sun, but the one which truly kicked off my obsession was Winter Sonata. Other favourites include Autumn in My Heart, Beautiful Days, Stairway to Heaven (yes, I adore Choi Ji Woo -grins), Full House, Star In My Heart, Phoenix, I’m Sorry I Love You, Summer Scent, What Happened in Bali, Gumiho, Love Story In Harvard… (ok some were passing crushes!)

Besides kdramas, I also pick out good Taiwanese dramas to watch. For kdramas I prefer the sad and weepy kind whereas for Taiwanese dramas, I usually go for the dramatic and funny ones. (Strike an emotional balance, yea?) Favourites include Meteor Garden, Hanakimi, Magicians Of Love, Prince turned into Frog, At the dolphin Bay… 

Here at shadowlesslight, I yak about everything in the entertainment world that interests or excites me, and I’ll be most delighted to have you share your thoughts as well 😀

  1. jicks says:

    Hey! Randomly stumbled onto your page… based on the fact that you’re used misa as your header, I felt compelled to comment ^_^ I freaking love that series.

    Anyways, I’m also a K+Tw(+J)drama & I like the variety on your blog. I’ll def be checking back :))

  2. therainhouse says:

    Hey, I can’t find a way to contact you. I’m leaving a message on this page, alright.

    Oh, if you’re on Twitter, I’ll follow you.


    The Official Facebook page for the remake, it’s created by Sabrina/Suyuan, Qiong Yao’s assistant. Come join.

    And feel free to join the Tieba too, you are so welcome there.


  3. nurkyz says:

    Hello! I am very interested Korean drama. It will be great if I will join to you to discus Korean drama.

    You can find me on facebook: salima@mail.ru

  4. Raine says:

    But you’re pictures from Autumn’s concerto right?

  5. Autumn says:

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  6. Anonymous says:

    is there a subscription fee please??

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