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This post has been in my draft folder for ages, because it took me so long to format (and what’s more, with school kicking me in the ass). Consider this an attempt to immortalize one of my favourite scenes in Summer’s Desire! The accompanying text is from the original novel by Ming Xiao Xi. Sorry I’m too lazy to translate hehe.

Ou Chen was a mix of adorableness and vulnerability here, and even though I prefer him in shorter hair, I never knew wet hair looked sooo good on the guy! Reminds me of a wet and wounded puppy ❤

P.S. you might note that some of the screencaps are hyperlinked, for obvious reasons :p



Meteor shower II revealed a slew of posters in anticipation for its 9th August premiere (which also happens to be National Day where I reside). I’m pretty excited to see it!


The last (and first) Hairtalk post I did was on Barbie Hsu. Here’s a new one featuring Han Ga In, heroine of the currently airing Bad Guy. My hairstyle atm is partially influenced by her straight bangs hehe.

On a side note, I love the soundtrack of this drama!


I’ve pretty much calmed myself down by the time I write this, but surely the production didn’t just pair a newbie starlet who just had her screen debut alongside a singer-actor who’s still learning to emote?? I’m watching Bad Guy with some fast-forwarding… and Mo-nae just doesn’t command my attention (or perhaps I didn’t give the girl a chance to impress me). I certainly hope she proves me wrong with Playful Kiss!

I’ve not watched the Taiwanese drama It Started With a Kiss or read the Japanese manga Itazura na Kiss, but I’ve heard enough about them to feel the excitement at the Korean remake. All in all, I’m still looking forward to this drama and granted, I’ll probably enjoy it since I’ve got nothing to serve as benchmark.

Korean action-spy blockbuster, Iris, is set to hit Japan soon via TBS Television. The station specially invited Tatsuya Fujiwara (Death Note) and Meisa Kuroki (Dance, Subaru!) to voice dub for its lead stars Lee Byung Heon and Kim Tae Hee respectively. To promote the drama, Lee, Kim and Meisa Kuroki shot a fashion spread for the August issue of Japanese magazine 25 ans.


Huan Zhu Ge Ge (还珠格格), aka My Fair Princess, is a drama which brought me much joy in my primary school days. I remember EVERYONE (Chinese-speaking) was watching it then; it practically shaped a generation of people, in the pop culture sense. After more than a decade since its broadcast, a remake of the drama is currently in the works, and lately the main cast has finally been revealed.


I’m experimenting again! Hehe. This time my interest happens to be hair. So each post in this series of 【hairtalk】 will feature a popular female actress with wondrous hair (imho), and the star of today is none other than… *drumroll*

Barbie Hsu!

Hsu has a reputation for her flawless complexion and beautiful long hair, earning her the grand title of Taiwan’s “cosmetic queen”. She is also Yin Xia Mo in the currently airing Taiwanese drama, Summer’s Desire.

Who else loved her hairstyle as the teenage Xia Mo? 😀 Peter Ho openly acknowledged on a variety talkshow that he ADORES Barbie Hsu in that hairdo! *excited* Anw, just look at that babyface, how do you tell that she’s turning 34 this year?!