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This post has been in my draft folder for ages, because it took me so long to format (and what’s more, with school kicking me in the ass). Consider this an attempt to immortalize one of my favourite scenes in Summer’s Desire! The accompanying text is from the original novel by Ming Xiao Xi. Sorry I’m too lazy to translate hehe.

Ou Chen was a mix of adorableness and vulnerability here, and even though I prefer him in shorter hair, I never knew wet hair looked sooo good on the guy! Reminds me of a wet and wounded puppy ❤

P.S. you might note that some of the screencaps are hyperlinked, for obvious reasons :p



Those of you who are familiar with both Korean and Taiwanese dramas will notice that Down With Love shares a similar thread to upcoming kdrama Personal Taste starring Lee Min-ho and Son Ye-jin. In both shows, one character thinks the other is not straight (lesbian/gay) because of a lie, and end up staying together and falling in love.

I found the premise of Jerry Yan’s new show – also starring Ella Chen and Michael Zhang – trite and even though I’ve seen and liked all three leads in different dramas, I don’t see them coming together. Most importantly, I don’t actually feel a romantic chemistry between Jerry Yan and Ella.

But watching the first episode made me remember why I liked Ella in Hana kimi; she’s really adorable. AND it’s Jerry Yan afterall. 😉