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Here’s Song Hye Kyo for the December issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

[A Song Hye Kyo post to follow up on a Binnie one, how appropriate! Lol.]



I wonder how that pose came about -.-

Anw, I love how Moon Geun Young looks at the production press conference of Mary Stayed Out All Night. The dress is cute, and the shoes are a highlight! She even has a lovely healthy glow.


The drama airs next week, can’t wait! 🙂

Pictured is Kim Tae Hee (Grand Prix ) on the cover of Hera Magazine. Love the backdrop and colours of the photoshoot!


Two Park Shin Hye posts in a row? *pat on the back* Frankly, these pictures motivated me to do the previous one :p

Sassy and adorable photoshoot!


Everyone’s favourite Yoon Eun Hye made public some of her just-out-of-bed barefaced shots, accompanied by the text, “Slept in, and face is a little swollen” on 25th Aug. She also left a message that says, “Even though I don’t like my swollen face, it feels like I’ve become more youthful after looking at it often. My nose is oily and my eyes have become puffy.”

Welllll, I’d like to take that as a motivational message from her that even glamorous stars are plain janes in the disguise of make up and pretty clothes lol. Still, round of applause for her! I believe she’s one of the very few actresses who have the courage to reveal such barefaced shots of themselves. But she’s Yoon Eun Hye, and of course netizens gave largely positive feedback like “still pretty without makeup” and even “feels prettier than with makeup on”.

To phrase it in Xiao S (Dee Hsu)’s vocab though:


When you’re born pretty, EVERYTHING works (:

Here’s Han Ji Hye posing at Gifu Prefecture in Japan, which provided the beautiful backdrop to this magazine photo shoot. Han displays a simple and pure image in this shoot themed “Genie of the forest”, which emphasizes feminine charm on returning to nature.