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Posted: June 5, 2010 in Random

Sorry about the recent lack of updates! Hehe I’m currently on vacation, so internet access is not as easily within reach. School will be starting in a couple of months as well and I’ll no longer be the idle person I currently am, sadly. So no promises whatsoever, but do check back once in a while if you like what I blog about 🙂



Posted: February 28, 2010 in Random

I just rewatched Titanic and I’m hit hard. Again.

Love story of the century.

Merry Christmas!

Posted: December 25, 2007 in Random
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Wow I have been blogging here for 6 months already! I always feel a great sense of gratification when i see supportive or affirming comments. (Actually all comments make me happy except spams.)



So… MERRY XMAS to all my readers! And also a BIG thank you! Please visit often~ 🙂