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Secret Garden is turning out to be very, very winning. The characters are interesting and layered, the dynamics funny and the premise engaging. I can’t say I’m hooked, but I AM committed to it already!

Hyun Bin as Kim Joo-won, CEO of a department store

I knew this guy has comic chops, but I’m still pleasantly surprised! I’ve seen the most of Hyun Bin in melodrama Snow Queen, and bits in Kim Sam Soon and Worlds Within. Here in Secret Garden, he’s so engaging a character! He’s outwardly cool and aloof, but we’ve also caught a bit of his sincere side. Besides, he’s a tad immature (thus providing endless entertainment for us), has a glib tongue (naughty witty?), and knows how to get his way (you want your man to be a MAN, don’t you?). Shall I say, flawed in the most attractive way possible? Teehee.




I’m not really excited about the idea of body swap in the upcoming weekend drama Secret Garden, and it’s described as a melodrama.. isn’t that taking itself too seriously? Buuut it’s got Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won, who’re both looking good in the stills released. The drama which premieres November 13 has released its official posters (and the first of the two really channels You’re Beautiful for me teehee).

I wonder if there’s any significance in the drama title.. or thematic resemblance to the novel?

The 46th Baeksang Arts Awards held last night (March 26) in Seoul gave us a feast on the eyes with stars dressing to look their best. I’m lazy to post pictures of all the attendees hehe so I’ll just focus on the best dressed ladies that night 😉

I know it’s still a long, long time from prom/grad night, but I always LOVE looking at what the celebrities wear, how they accessorize, how they do their hair etc for award ceremonies. (Who looked the most glamorous? And who looked like an alien? Heehee.) So here I am collating their red carpet looks for your benefit, enjoy! 🙂

Please be patient, loads of pictures so may take a while to load~ (click on pic to enlarge)

Ha Ji Won 

Ha Ji Won makes me want to go tan, sigh. GODDESS. 



Ha Ji Won who played the role of Hwang Jini in the KBS drama series won the Best Actress Award at the 32nd Annual Golden Chest Prizes held on the 3rd Nov.        

The Golden Chest International Television Festival hosted by BNT (Bulgarian National Television) is one of Europe’s most prestigious international festivals for television dramas and documentaries. Actors are nominated by the Union of the Bulgarian Actors.                            



Tip 1 – Look up!


Let the tears flow nicely down your cheeks and you’ll look more sorrowful this way.