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Secret Garden is turning out to be very, very winning. The characters are interesting and layered, the dynamics funny and the premise engaging. I can’t say I’m hooked, but I AM committed to it already!

Hyun Bin as Kim Joo-won, CEO of a department store

I knew this guy has comic chops, but I’m still pleasantly surprised! I’ve seen the most of Hyun Bin in melodrama Snow Queen, and bits in Kim Sam Soon and Worlds Within. Here in Secret Garden, he’s so engaging a character! He’s outwardly cool and aloof, but we’ve also caught a bit of his sincere side. Besides, he’s a tad immature (thus providing endless entertainment for us), has a glib tongue (naughty witty?), and knows how to get his way (you want your man to be a MAN, don’t you?). Shall I say, flawed in the most attractive way possible? Teehee.




I’m not really excited about the idea of body swap in the upcoming weekend drama Secret Garden, and it’s described as a melodrama.. isn’t that taking itself too seriously? Buuut it’s got Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won, who’re both looking good in the stills released. The drama which premieres November 13 has released its official posters (and the first of the two really channels You’re Beautiful for me teehee).

I wonder if there’s any significance in the drama title.. or thematic resemblance to the novel?

The film Late Autumn starring Tang Wei and Hyun Bin released a preview poster (which somehow reminded me of the musical film Once) from the Toronto International Film Festival. The poster shows the pair walking out from a motel and reads “True love knows no stranger”, referring to the fateful acquaintance and short-lived romance between a woman granted special leave from prison (Tang Wei) and a counterfeiter on the run (Hyun Bin).


Hyun Bin (Friend, Our Legend, I’m Happy) and Tang Wei (Lust, Caution) have been filming their new movie Late Autumn (aka Manchu, 만추) in the U.S. earlier and the production firm has released first stills of the leads. 

Late Autumn is a Korean-American co-production and a remake of the 1966 classic. It tells the acquaintance of a woman granted a special leave from prison for her good conduct with a young man who is on the run from pursuers for counterfeiting money, and their 3-day love story that unfolds in Seattle. Both stars will be acting in English.




A brainstorming session for the Korean remake of Hana Yori Dango, Boys before Flowers, which I’m really excited about since I absolutely loved the Taiwanese version, Meteor Garden. 😀