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          Yoo Seung Ho ——— 1993-Aug-17            Shim Eun Kyung ——— 1994-May-31

Yoo Seung Ho should stop teaming up with noonas and romance someone his age (or younger) like one of my favourite teen stars Shim Eun Kyung xD Yoo has been taking on adult and main roles, while I can’t wait to see Shim Eun Kyung shine in a drama of her own (much like how Moon Geun Young grew out of her child-star status). The young Damdeok and Sujini definitely deserve more screen time as a couple since 2007’s The Legend

Okays end of digression hehe.



I believe for many of us, the show has been engaging to a large extent due to the marvellous performances of our 3 wonderful female leads who totally steal the show!