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Noh Hee Kyung / 노희경
The World That They Live In (KBS2, 2008), Several Questions That Make Us Happy (KBS2, 2007), Goodbye Solo (KBS2, 2006), More Beautiful Than a Flower (KBS2, 2004), Solitude (KBS2, 2002), Did We Really Love (MBC, 1999), Lie (KBS,1998) 

Omg i haven’t blogged for ages due to exams. I bet no one visits here anymore ): Regardless! Shall do a drama recommendation 😀

Powerful Opponents is a drama centering around 3 main characters – Chae Rim as Cha Young Jin, Lee Jin Wook as Kang Soo Ho, and Lee Jong Hyuk as Yoo Gwang Pil. Young Jin and Gwang Pil are bodyguards who are assigned to protect the President and his family. The story unfolds when they are both assigned to protect the president’s troublemaker son Soo Ho. A love triangle thus ensues between Young Jin, Gwang Pil and Soo Ho.