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Futaro (Kenichi Matsuyama) asks to be Midori’s friend when she volunteers to give him any compensation he wanted for almost knocking him down. So she good naturedly invited him to a cruise.



Frankly I only expected to perhaps catch a glimpse of this drama because of Kenichi Matsuyama… but alas! I fell in love with it about 10 minutes into the first episode. I’m quite sure this drama ain’t for everyone though. Zeni Geba loosely translated means ‘money crazy’, and it’s a rather dark drama about a guy who became “money crazy” after a traumatic childhood, though I’m not quite sure what its central message is yet.

Anw I’m hooked enough to want to share the love; hope you’ll be enticed to watch this drama! (:




Gamagori Futaro (Kenichi Matsuyama) has been poor since the day he was born. As a child his recklessly wasteful and abusive father sunk the family into debt and disappeared, leaving Futaro and his sick mother to fend for themselves. With no money to pay for medical treatment for his ailing mother, she eventually died.


ASHIYA Mizuki (Horikita Maki) disguises as a boy to enter the all-boys school Osaka High so that she can meet her idol and crush SANO Izumi (Oguri Shun). She arrives in school to see a throng of girls running to the entrance of the dorm, all waiting to greet the students from Osaka High.


All the students have to live in a dorm, so the only chance to see them is the 30m distance from the dormitory to their school. In a slip of tongue, Ashiya accidentally says “watashi” instead of “ore” which is used by boys. She immediately escapes and happens to come to the lockers where the boys put their shoes. She doesn’t know where her own locker is so she slipped hers into an empty slot.