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[Okay this has been talked-about for a while now, but I’m still intrigued.]

Barbie Hsu (Da S) is engaged to Chinese 2nd generation chaebol Wang Xiaofei! Their whirlwind romance has been causing a storm in the Chinese media and speculations finally came to an end with Wang’s confirmation of their engagement on his Wei Bo on 29th Oct afternoon. The two apparently met and fell in love at first sight at Taiwanese actress Ady An‘s birthday party in Beijing, and are planning to marry in February next year.


  1. What, not happy?!
  2. I’ll take you on!
  3. Oh my goodness, you’re one strong fellow!
  4. Better not provoke you, I shall continue signing autographs.


(Taken from Peter Ho‘s Sina Weibo)

This is too cute!!! 😀

I’m sharing with you guys what I chanced upon on Baidu yesterday. There’re a total of 9 sets of pictures, and all of them are awesome. Enjoyyy! 🙂

*Update* What I uploaded initially (particularly for ‘The Queen’ series) were mostly wallpapers, I’ve found some originals for those interested. In addition, I just discovered 2 more sets to this phootshoot, making it a total of 9 sets. I’ll be updating these photos continually.  


Peter Ho held a fansigning session for his music album, Remember Loved, at Kaohsiung, Taiwan on 11th Jul, and his Summer’s Desire co-star Barbie Hsu also appeared at the event to lend her support. That’s totally a treat for Ou Chen-Xia Mo fans because they looked super sweet together!

I was quite upset when Barbie Hsu made it clear that Peter Ho is not her type (read: Blue Lan, Vic Zhou) and it’s quite impossible for her to fall for him, cos he’s too outgoing and friendly. Pfffft. Well since her previous two relationships failed, maybe she could reflect on that and pick someone different? Heh :p


I’m experimenting again! Hehe. This time my interest happens to be hair. So each post in this series of 【hairtalk】 will feature a popular female actress with wondrous hair (imho), and the star of today is none other than… *drumroll*

Barbie Hsu!

Hsu has a reputation for her flawless complexion and beautiful long hair, earning her the grand title of Taiwan’s “cosmetic queen”. She is also Yin Xia Mo in the currently airing Taiwanese drama, Summer’s Desire.

Who else loved her hairstyle as the teenage Xia Mo? 😀 Peter Ho openly acknowledged on a variety talkshow that he ADORES Barbie Hsu in that hairdo! *excited* Anw, just look at that babyface, how do you tell that she’s turning 34 this year?!  


In FTV’s Summer’s Desire which premiered end of May, Barbie Hsu is caught in an intense love triangle between Huang Xiao Ming and Peter Ho. Her love with Huang Xiao Ming is entitled “suffocating love”, while her romance with Peter is described as a ” fatal love”. It has aired 4 episodes thus far and its episode ratings have risen steadily from episode 1’s 0.86 to episode 4’s 1.55.

Personally, I’ve been looking forward to its premiere since the release of its teaser eons ago and shared my anticipation here, and now it’s finally out. If you like a heavy dose of wild, crazy love that only exists in the world of novels or mangas, Summer’s Desire ought to be your dish.


Im Soo Jung (Jeon Woo Chi) was at the “World of Calvin Klein in Asia” fashion show held in Shanghai a while back. The event is the first such large scale event hosted by the international fashion brand in Asia, and gathered both Asian and Hollywood stars.