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With casting finally complete, MBC’s romantic-comedy series My Princess held its first script reading on the 20th this month.  Present were the drama’s leads, Song Seung Heon (East of Eden), Kim Tae Hee (IRIS), Ryu Soo Young (Lawyers of Korea) and Park Ye Jin (Queen Seon Deok). The 3-hour long rehearsal was apparently a first meeting for the cast, but the atmosphere was described as comfortable and light-hearted.



Secret Garden is turning out to be very, very winning. The characters are interesting and layered, the dynamics funny and the premise engaging. I can’t say I’m hooked, but I AM committed to it already!

Hyun Bin as Kim Joo-won, CEO of a department store

I knew this guy has comic chops, but I’m still pleasantly surprised! I’ve seen the most of Hyun Bin in melodrama Snow Queen, and bits in Kim Sam Soon and Worlds Within. Here in Secret Garden, he’s so engaging a character! He’s outwardly cool and aloof, but we’ve also caught a bit of his sincere side. Besides, he’s a tad immature (thus providing endless entertainment for us), has a glib tongue (naughty witty?), and knows how to get his way (you want your man to be a MAN, don’t you?). Shall I say, flawed in the most attractive way possible? Teehee.



I’m not really excited about the idea of body swap in the upcoming weekend drama Secret Garden, and it’s described as a melodrama.. isn’t that taking itself too seriously? Buuut it’s got Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won, who’re both looking good in the stills released. The drama which premieres November 13 has released its official posters (and the first of the two really channels You’re Beautiful for me teehee).

I wonder if there’s any significance in the drama title.. or thematic resemblance to the novel?

I wonder how that pose came about -.-

Anw, I love how Moon Geun Young looks at the production press conference of Mary Stayed Out All Night. The dress is cute, and the shoes are a highlight! She even has a lovely healthy glow.


The drama airs next week, can’t wait! 🙂

I became inexplicably drawn to Sungkyunkwan Scandal from like episode 8, and it definitely has a lot to do with the awfully sexy and charismatic Yoo Ah In! Omg, that guy totally owns my heart now ❤

It’s not like I don’t know that Sun-joon and Yoon-hee are the OTP and Sun-joon truly deserves her love and affection. (Not that Guh-ro doesn’t, really!) So one moment I’m giggling at the cuteness of the OTP, and another moment I’m clutching my chest in hurt for my Guh-ro. Show is seriously turning me schizophrenic.



          Yoo Seung Ho ——— 1993-Aug-17            Shim Eun Kyung ——— 1994-May-31

Yoo Seung Ho should stop teaming up with noonas and romance someone his age (or younger) like one of my favourite teen stars Shim Eun Kyung xD Yoo has been taking on adult and main roles, while I can’t wait to see Shim Eun Kyung shine in a drama of her own (much like how Moon Geun Young grew out of her child-star status). The young Damdeok and Sujini definitely deserve more screen time as a couple since 2007’s The Legend

Okays end of digression hehe.


The last (and first) Hairtalk post I did was on Barbie Hsu. Here’s a new one featuring Han Ga In, heroine of the currently airing Bad Guy. My hairstyle atm is partially influenced by her straight bangs hehe.

On a side note, I love the soundtrack of this drama!