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I wonder how that pose came about -.-

Anw, I love how Moon Geun Young looks at the production press conference of Mary Stayed Out All Night. The dress is cute, and the shoes are a highlight! She even has a lovely healthy glow.


The drama airs next week, can’t wait! 🙂


Cinderella’s Sister Moon Geun Young and Bad Guy Kim Nam Gil are leading the ratings war of their respective Wednesday-Thursday drama series, where they both play the titular “bad” characters. According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, episode 17 of Cinderella’s Sister pulled in 20.2% while SBS’s Bad Guy attracted 11.7% with its premiere yesterday.

I’m still tuning in to Cinderella’s Sister; in fact it is currently the only kdrama I’m watching dutifully. I’m really expecting Seo Woo to pull in an award or two for her vivid portrayal of Goo Hyo-sun, who’s turning out to be a much more, dare I say, well-written character than I expected, and one whom I’m beginning to relate to. I’m relieved that the drama has picked up steam in its final stretch, which corresponds to the latest spike in episode rating. (Is that the elusive silver lining!)



This is pretty much a continuation of my previous entry, i.e. more mesmerizing pictures of Moon Geun Young, who displays a vibrant and youthful image here. (I’m aware that my site is becoming inundated with Cinderella’s Sister/Moon Geun Young related news LOL sorry to those who’re totally uninterested)


The April issue of fashion magazine InStyle, themed “Gorgeous girl of Spring”, invited Moon Geun Young to grace its cover. When asked about her first villain role in Cinderella’s Sister, Moon responded:

“Whether a person is bad depends on how you look at it. If anyone who doesn’t fall in the kind, warm and lively category is deemed a bad person, then Eun-jo is one. However to me, that way of looking at it is too narrow. There are those who look at the bad and good in dramas separately, and tend to think that those who are different from the good are bad. But judging from the plot, Eun-jo is not a bad person.”


If you haven’t been keeping an eye on Cinderella’s Sister (what have you been doing!?), last Wednesday’s episode 5 finally saw the appearance of Taecyeon, the last of the four main leads. He plays Eun-jo’s younger stepbrother Jung-woo, who has morphed from a stubby young boy to a handsome teenager, single-mindedly devoted to Eun-jo who used to cook for him.



This could only mean one thing.. March 31 is finally approaching! I’m sooo excited to see Moon Geun Young back in a trendy drama!! KBS’s Cinderella’s Sister held its production press conference this afternoon and the leads turned up in character (heh): Moon in spunky black, Seo Woo in sweet and demure pink, accompanied by big brother Chun Jung Myung in a black suit, and baby of the group Ok Taecyeon. Cinderella’s Sister is written by Kim Kyu Wan (Robber, Spring Day, Piano) and directed by Kim Young Jo.

I don’t remember posting so many pics on any other press conference!


Painter of the Wind, starring Korea’s little sister Moon Geun Young and veteran actor Park Shin Young, has commenced filming on 28th April. With that, we get to see Moon in her first role since entering university and also, her first role as a boy man.



If you can’t already tell, Moon plays a painter who disguises herself as a boy. Park Shin Yang is a master painter who is also her mentor.

(Gosh, PSY is almost old enough to be her father! And you want us to buy their romance?!)